5 Greatest TV Betrayals

A well-orchestrated and shocking betrayal can make a television series memorable and can also create a buzz among its viewers. The following are five such shocking betrayals that had viewers talking and analyzing these shows for days, weeks, and sometimes even years. 

Oh, and just so you don’t think we’re betraying you, we want to warn you that there are many spoilers about to be exposed here. 

Game of Thrones — Daenerys and Jon

In a series riddled with betrayals, it can be very difficult to narrow it down to the worst. But surely the show’s biggest betrayal came when Jon Snow stabbed his lover and aunt Daenerys Targaryen while the two were sharing a passionate kiss. Sadly, Daenerys left the honorable Jon Snow little choice. It was obvious to everyone — especially Jon — that Daenerys had gone off the deep end and that if he didn’t stop her, she would murder thousands of people. 

Sopranos — Tony and Christopher

Christopher was one of Tony’s most trusted soldiers, his potential successor, and also his “nephew.” But Christopher’s drug issues and other factors eventually caused their relationship to become very strained. It was still a shocker, though, when Tony murdered his nephew after a wasted Christopher crashes their car, almost killing them both. The accident coupled with the fact that Tony had big concerns about Christopher turning State’s witness against him were the final straws for the mob boss. Taking advantage of the fact that his nephew was severely injured in the accident, Tony reaches over and pinches Christopher’s nostrils shut until he dies. 

Breaking Bad — Walter and Jesse

Walter and Jesse betrayed each other countless times during Breaking Bad’s five seasons but, arguably, the worst instance was when Walter allowed a neo-Nazi gang to kidnap Jesse. The neo-Nazis then kept Jesse imprisoned in a cage and used him as their slave to cook up Walt’s infamous blue meth to sell. Walt does semi-redeem himself by the end of the series by rescuing Jesse. 

Succession — The Roy Children Versus Their Parents

Loosely based on the Murdoch dynasty, Succession has had more than its fair share of shocking betrayals. But the one that ended season three was a doozy even by this show’s standards. After years of being mentally abused by their father, Logan Roy, three of the Roy children — Kendall, Roman, and Shiv — finally decide to team up together to stop their father from selling their company. But to their dismay, the Roy children soon discover that they have been betrayed by two people who should have been on their side — Shiv’s husband, Tom, and their own mother, Caroline. Tipped off by Tom, Logan was able to convince Caroline to sign over their children’s share in the company to him, which ended Roman’s, Shiv’s, and Kendall’s dreams of taking over the family business. 

Sex and the City — Carrie and Aidan

For many fans, Aidan seemed like the perfect boyfriend for Carrie — kind, loving, sweet, and handsome. And to top it all off, he was ready to commit and even marry her. So, what did Carrie do? She cheats on Aidan with Mr. Big, her ex. Fans of the show were outraged that Carrie had chosen to break Aidan’s heart with the man who had broken her heart.