5 Weirdest Tech Startups That Actually Succeeded

We’ve all been there. You see an idea for this new technology. And you think, there’s no way that can take off. 

Then it does. And in some cases, it changes our whole existence.

Some of the weirdest tech startups that succeeded in this list may not reach that level. But you probably never would have guessed it would be the new big thing when you first saw it.

1. Uber

Let’s lead with a big one. Today, Uber is integral to our lives. It’s hard to believe it was a bizarre idea when it first started.

Taxis and trains already saturated the market. Why would someone pay more to uber?

As it turns out, the founders were onto something. Their customers like the convenience of apps. They want to see their drivers and their ratings before the vehicle arrives.

It’s nice to get where you’re going faster. And people like options when they want to treat themselves to an UberSUV, UberBlack, or UberX. They want to feel special and convey a certain image.

You just don’t get that with the “normal” transportation methods that came before. So yes, Uber may seem normal now, but it was certainly weird. 

2. Dog Parker {aka, Dog Spot}

Ever been walking your dog, when you needed to leave them outside a store for a few minutes while you run in? If you’re one of this crowd, you may feel guilty or worried about leaving your best furry friend tied up outside — even for a short time. 

Dog Parker is a smart dog house that businesses can set up outside their store to keep their patron’s pups climate-controlled, comfortable, and video-monitored until the pet parent returns. 

3. Celestis, Inc

Now that your dog is taken care of, it may be time to think about your dearly departed. This weird tech startup launches their remains into space. For those who’ve always dreamed of living off-world, this makes that dream come true — at least in some part.

And it costs much less than the typical funeral. 

4. Invisible Girlfriend

This one’s for those individuals who are bombarded with questions from family or co-workers about why they’re not seeing someone. Your reasons are your own. You do you.

But Invisible Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) offers the answer. This weird tech startup allows you to sign up to receive texts, voicemails, and even gifts from someone you’re supposedly dating. 

5. Spud Pickles

Don’t let the name fool you. This tech startup is all about its business. And their business is ghost-hunting. Spud pickles is an app development company that has found its niche audience. They build apps that can detect paranormal activity. 

The company has to say “it’s for entertainment purposes only” for legal reasons. But the reviews are filled with creepy stories from real people who use it to contact lost loved ones and find strange entities in their homes, offices, and neighborhoods.