5 Green Flags In Relationships

When you’re ready to add a partner to your life, it can feel impossible to find the right person at the right time. Perhaps you’ve even wondered if good, single people still exist in the world. The answer is yes! While no potential partner is perfect, there are many single people out there who are emotionally healthy and ready to commit to the right person.

Looking for green flags is one way you can evaluate a potential partner. While there are dozens of green flags that can signal a person is ready for a relationship, we’ll review five of the most important here. 

Green Flag #1: They show an interest in you. 

A good candidate for a long-term relationship shows an interest in your feelings and hobbies. The subject of the conversation naturally shifts between you and them. They ask how you feel, what you’re working on, and what you’re excited about. They’re curious about your goals and ambitions. They listen intently when you share. 

Ideally, they’re willing to engage in activities that interest you, too. You might even have some interests in common – things you can enjoy doing together. 

On a more surface level, it’s also important that your level of attraction is comparable in intensity. If one party’s feelings are much more intense than the other’s – or you’re attracted to somebody who doesn’t feel the same way about you – it isn’t the right fit. 

Green Flag #2: They’re open to feedback. 

Throughout the course of relationship, both partners will need to provide and receive feedback in order to be successful. If one or the other is not receptive, the relationship can be destined for failure before it even begins. 

You’ll know the person you’re seeing is open to feedback if they listen openly when you have concerns, apologize when they make a mistake, and demonstrate changed behavior going forward. 

Green Flag #3: They take personal accountability. 

The right partner demonstrates a high level of personal accountability. That means he or she takes responsibility for their own life, their own feelings, and the consequences of their own actions without blaming others. 

Accountability is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. In many cases, each partner’s level of accountability ultimately determines whether a relationship can be saved. Looking for this personality trait early in a relationship can help you get through hard times down the road.

Green Flag #4: They have the basics under control.

The basics might sound small, but they quickly become big when you share your life with someone else. Somebody who has the basics under control is financial stable, is reliable, and takes good care of themselves. They wear clean clothes, practice good hygiene, nourish their body, and exercise regularly. They care for their mental and emotional well-being and don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. 

Green Flag #5: They’re secure. 

An insecure partner may need the attention and approval of others, regardless of the fulfillment that comes from your relationship. A secure partner is comfortable enough with themselves to be satisfied with the attention one partner can provide. 

While you’re looking for green flags in your partner, be sure to evaluate yourself, too. There’s always room for growth!