5 Hacks to Start Your Side Hustle When You’re Busy in Your Day Job

Developing your side hustle can generate extra income to help you pay off credit card bills, go on a trip or buy a car. Even better, a successful side hustle could even lead to a successful business, allowing you to eventually quit your full-time job.

Side gigs can be difficult to start when you’re already busy with a full-time job. These 5 hacks can help you start a successful side business that could eventually lead to a sizable income and even a successful career.

1. Pick the Right Work

You’re going to have to be pretty dedicated to your side job to keep it going, especially if you also have a full-time job during the day. Picking the right gig is important for maintaining motivation. Working should be fun, especially if you’re going to put in more than 40 hours per week!

If you don’t already have a side hustle in mind, make a list of your favorite activities. Do you love to write? Do you paint, or sculpt? Do you love to teach? Know yourself and what you would enjoy doing as your side hustle.

2. Make a Plan

Make a list of supplies that you would need to get your side hustle off the ground. Will you run a business? What will be the name of your business? Do you need to register your business with your Secretary of State or another regulatory entity? Set aside time on a weekend to perform research. Making a plan will help you stay productive when you have time to work on your hustle.

3. Set a Schedule

When do you have time to work? Will you work at night? In the early morning? On weekends? Setting a schedule can be especially difficult if you have a family to coordinate with. Work with your spouse and children to find a schedule that will work for everyone. Some tips:

  • Work when you feel most productive, whether that’s in the early morning, on weekends or late at night.
  • Consider re-arranging your full-time job schedule to make time for yourself when you need it.
  • Make sure everyone in your household knows your schedule and respects it.
  • Keep your schedule flexible, so you can work around your full-time job schedule.

4. Set Aside Space

Assuming you’re doing work on evenings and weekends, your family or members of your household may get in the way of being productive. You’re going to need your own space to do work. You may need to convert the guest bedroom into a work station, or perhaps your garage. Create a space that is comfortable, convenient and isolated from other members of your household.

5. Use an Online Platform

There are many online platforms that make gig work easy. Find an online platform that will support you as you sell your services, crafts or wares. Online platforms often offer help to fledgling business people, making starting your own side hustle even easier.

Good luck! It takes time and true dedication to accomplishing your goals. Stay focused as you develop your business. Your work will pay off.