5 Hobbies That Make It Easy To Meet People

Meeting people isn’t as easy as one might think. This is especially true if you’re looking to meet people outside of school or work. You’d think that with technological advances that we’d be more social, but it has actually had the opposite effect. Technology can still be used to meet people, though, as you can find local social clubs that meet up and do various activities. Whether or not you’re browsing online for them, these hobbies are the best ones to meet new people.

5. Book Clubs

One of the oldest social clubs that you can find is the book club. People will have a designated book that they all read and will discuss the meanings behind the book and the author who penned it. Book clubs are still going strong these days, and it’s much easier to find one closeby. From Shakespeare to autobiographies about reality television personalities, the sky’s the limit for your book club.

4. Dog Park Visiting

If you have a dog, that’s one surefire way to at least start a conversation with a new person. When you take your dog to a designated dog park, though, you’re opening yourself up to a large amount of people that you can chat with. If your dog makes a new friend, you might make a new friend with its owner, too. After all, people can talk about their dogs for hours on end!

3. Hiking

Getting out into nature is one of the best ways to meet people without spending money and not feeling a lot of pressure. While some advanced hikers prefer to go solo, it’s much safer to hike with others. To add on to this, you can also go birdwatching as a similar hobby. You’ll be able to learn new things and understand the lay of the land. You don’t have to be super chatty, either, as most hikers are there to take in the sights and sounds of nature itself.

2. Trivia

One hobby that has been exploding in popularity over the past decade is bar trivia. Because of the prizes that are given out and the potential to compete on a state or national level, a lot of people want to prove their trivia knowledge. Because of this, you can hop onto online forums to find yourself a local team, or you can even play by yourself at first. After showing your skills and meeting some of those that are playing, you could find a group where you belong, even if you don’t partake in the drinking aspect of bar trivia.

1. Team Sports

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get out and meet people. Most cities, no matter the size, have some form of athletics leagues that are open to the public. One of the more popular options is slow pitch softball. Both men and women can be on the same team, and signing up yourself as a free agent is a great way to meet people. Though it might take some time to break in and get to know your new teammates, those that have taken the plunge will make some lifelong friends.

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