5 Longest Train Routes In The World

While you can certainly take an airplane across long distances between cities, there’s something about taking a train that’s much more fun. On one hand, you’re not packed into uncomfortable seats on a train as you would be on a plane. There is also a lot more scenery and amenities with the ability to get off on stops and stretch your legs.

If you’re a train enthusiast and want to hop on some of the longest rides, then you’re in luck. There are certain train routes that span thousands of miles that are waiting to show you a wide span of the world. Here are the five longest routes you can take across Earth, so make sure to bring your passport too as many routes cross borders.

Moscow – Vladivostok 

Spanning 9,289 kilometers (5,772 miles) from Russia’s capital to the Oceanside city of Vladivostok, The Trans-Siberian Railway is the world’s longest train route. The railway first started being used in 1904 after 13 years of construction. 

The six to seven-day journey crosses through eight time zones, makes only ten stops throughout the trip, and passes through over thirty cities including parts of China, Mongolia, and the Sea of Japan. It’s a fascinating journey and gives you the opportunity to see a variety of places with ease. 

Toronto – Vancouver 

The Canadian by Via Rail offers year-round trips all the way from the west coast of Canada, Toronto, to the east coast of Canada in Vancouver. The 4,466 kilometer (2,775 miles) train journey takes four days and nights to complete and goes through many provinces and takes over 60 stops. It’s estimated over 82,000 riders take the trip annually. 

During their time on the train, travelers can enjoy hot meals from the dining car, multiple-person bedrooms, shower facilities, and different classes offering separate amenities depending on which class you pay for. 

Shanghai – Lhasa

The 4,373 kilometer (2,717 mile) train journey from the largest and most populated city in China and the world, Shanghai, to the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa, is the third longest train route in all of the world. 

Every day at 8:02 pm the train heads out of Shanghai and takes nearly two days to arrive in Lhasa at 6:46 pm, taking 13 stops and showcasing all the beautiful scenery throughout the entire trip. The amenities on board the train are fairly basic, but they do offer meal and beverage services you can pay extra for. The gorgeous sights to see make up for the lack of luxury. 

Sydney – Perth  

The Indian Pacific train route that runs through Australia, from Sydney all the way to Perth, spans 4,352 kilometers (2,704 miles) and brings you from one beautiful ocean to another. It takes three nights to complete the journey, plenty of time to view the Australian wildlife and scenery from the comfort of your train car. 

Australian Train provides different services for the multiple packages offered at varying prices. You’ll have access to bathrooms, complimentary toiletries, beds, and meals and beverages. As well as the opportunity to make stops at popular tourist destinations. 

Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari

From the very southern tip of India and all the way to the tip that borders Tibet is the train route that runs from Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari. The trek takes no less than 28 hours and makes plenty of stops along the way. This includes passing along the southern border of Bhutan while also cutting down through Bangladesh.

Coming in at 3,770.6 kilometers (2343 miles), this trip has a total of 58 destinations along the way for some routes, including the Vivek Express which makes every stop while taking up over 82 hours of time. The train is comprised of 11 sleeper coaches and three general coaches and was introduced in 2011 to commemorate Swami Vivikananda’s 150th birth anniversary, which was one of the biggest celebrations in Indian history.

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