5 Perfect Items You Never Knew Would Make Your Long Train Journey A Breeze

People that are going on long train rides for the first time might not be fully prepared. When you’re flying on a plane, there are only a few things that you truly need, but that’s also because those trips are mostly short and you’re in a very compact spot. Being on a train is much different, though, as you get more space for storage and get to stretch your legs more freely throughout the trip.

However, the trips are much, much longer on average, especially if you’re going on vacation. If you’re planning on a trip that spans hundreds (if not thousands) of miles, there are some things that you’re going to want with you. Not only will they save you money, but the added convenience will even save you some time. Here are five perfect items you never knew would make your long train journey a breeze.

Insulated Food and Beverage Containers 

With how popular traveling long distances by train is, most trains will have food cars and meals included in your package, or for purchase separately. If you don’t have access to a fresh meal, have dietary restrictions, or just want to keep your leftovers fresh, insulated meal and beverage containers are the perfect items to bring along with you on your trip. 

Keep your drinks hot, or cold for longer than your average beverage container will. You can keep your meals hot, or cold and fresh for up to 12 hours in most insulated containers so you won’t have to worry about food spoilage. 

Luggage Protection 

The last thing any traveler wants to deal with while on the go is an issue with their luggage. Making sure your luggage is safe, recognizable, and easy to carry long distances is essential. Purchase luggage that’s easy to spot and tell apart from the slew of similarly colored and patterned luggage. 

Secure tags with your basic information on them that you’ll be able to spot with ease. Most importantly, invest in luggage locks to ensure nothing happens to your luggage while it’s out of your sight. 

Comfort Items

One unfortunate side effect of lengthy travel is the discomfort that comes with sitting in the same spot for an extended period of time. Bringing light and easy-to-pack items to bring comfort will help alleviate discomfort greatly. 

There’s a variety of neck pillows made with comfort technology that will help you get some rest in your seat and relieve neck tension. You can bring along light mattress toppers to add some cushion to your in-train bed if there are sleeping quarters. A weighted eye mask would be a great addition to help you feel secure and block out unwanted light while you rest. 

Hygiene and Medicine Kit

Hygiene and medical safety have become essentials in modern-day travel. You want to make sure you’re prepared, while also traveling light. Bringing travel-sized versions of standard hygiene products and commonly used medicines in your carry-on luggage will help you keep up with a healthy hygiene routine and provide you with relief. 

Bring pain relievers for headaches, aches, and pains from traveling. Bring nausea medicine for any unseen stomach issues. Of course bring plenty of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lotion, breath fresheners, and toiletries the train may not provide. 

Smart Device with Downloaded Content 

Most trains in developed countries will have access to wifi onboard, though that’s not always the case, especially in countries less developed. If you don’t want to waste your data, bring a smart device such as a phone, or tablet that you can download content onto beforehand while you have access to wifi. 

Make sure you have plenty of room to download your favorite songs, movies, and shows to last the entire trip and then some just in case travel is longer than expected. It’ll help keep you comfortably entertained during your venture. 

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