5 Love Nikki Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know About

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a popular mobile game that allows players to create and style their avatars with different clothes and accessories. While the game is entertaining and addictive, there are some hidden secrets that players might not know about. Today, we will discuss five Love Nikki secrets that you probably didn’t know about. 

Daily Login Rewards 

Most players know about the daily login rewards, but they might not know that the rewards increase with consecutive logins. The first day of consecutive logins will earn you 20 diamonds, but by the seventh day, you will receive 100 diamonds. So, make sure to log in every day to earn these rewards. 

Hidden Achievements 

There are many hidden achievements in Love Nikki that are not visible on the achievements page. These achievements can be unlocked by completing certain tasks or reaching certain levels. The rewards for these achievements can be significant, so make sure to explore the game thoroughly to uncover them. 

Association Sign-In 

Joining an Association in Love Nikki can provide many benefits, such as daily sign-in rewards. However, many players don’t know that you can sign in twice a day if you change your Association. So, if you join a new Association, make sure to sign in again to receive the daily rewards. 

Competing in Stylist Arena 

Stylist Arena is a competitive mode in Love Nikki where players can compete with other players to earn rewards. However, many players don’t know that you can earn more points by using the same theme for multiple battles. This strategy can help you earn more rewards and climb up the ranks. 

Hitting the Confirm Button Twice 

When you are submitting your outfit for a competition or a challenge, make sure to hit the confirm button twice. Many players have lost their progress and rewards because they accidentally hit the cancel button instead of the confirm button. By hitting the confirm button twice, you can ensure that your progress and rewards are saved. 

In conclusion, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a game full of hidden secrets that can help you earn more rewards and climb up the ranks. By logging in every day, uncovering hidden achievements, joining different Associations, competing in Stylist Arena, and hitting the confirm button twice, you can enhance your gameplay and enjoy the game even more. So, next time you log in to Love Nikki, make sure to keep these secrets in mind and see how they can improve your gaming experience.

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