5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

Traveling can be a great adventure. It can also be stressful and frustrating. Which way it goes is out of your control to a certain extent, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Here are five of the biggest, most common mistakes people make when they travel, so you can avoid them.

1. Getting Too Ambitious About Seeing the Sights

Sure it’s great to visit that big city, when you’ve spent your whole life in the country. But you can’t see everything in a day or two. If you plan an itinerary that has you going from sunup to sundown and beyond, running from place to place, you aren’t really going to have time to stop and take things in.

Instead, stop and smell the metaphorical roses. You can always add additional things, and even make a backup list before you head out on your vacation, but don’t cram your days too full right from the start.

2. Assuming There Are Places to Stay

Be sure to book your hotel in advance. You don’t want to travel to a new location and assume that there will be a good places to stay at a reasonable price. It’s often less expensive to book days or weeks in advance of your travel date. You can also get more options for rooms that way, and may receive other perks, too. You don’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar location with no hotel.

3. Not Researching Important Dates

If there’s a big concert, festival, or convention going on at your travel destination, you might want to move the dates of your vacation. Hotels and restaurants can fill up quickly, and the extra influx of people could make navigating around the area more complicated, too. By researching in advance, you’ll know you’re visiting the destination at a good time.

4. Not Leaving Your Valuables at Home

Leave those expensive rings and necklaces at home. Sure, you want to look great in all your Instagram photos, but you can get some cheap jewelry to give you the same look. You’ll be less likely to get robbed, and if you lose your jewelry or someone takes it, you’re not devastated and financially damaged, either.

While you’re at it, be sure to tell your bank that you’re going on an adventure. That will reduce the chances of your card being declined, so you can focus on the fun.

5. Taking More Than They Need

When you travel, it’s very important to be realistic about the amount of luggage you take. If you’re going to be gone for a week, you don’t need three weeks worth of clothing. Having a little extra can make sense in case of spills, stains, or other damage, but an extra shirt and some extra socks and underwear is probably enough.

Space is limited, and it’s no fun to carry around a bunch of heavy luggage, either. Pare down your essentials, and remember that most places aren’t so rural that you can’t buy something if you really need it. Have a great trip!