5 Most Bizarre Career Decisions Made by Sports Stars

Fame can sometimes result in some genuinely astounding decisions, and sports stars are not immune. From switching sports mid-career or deciding to play way past their time, a sports fan can often be left wondering, “what are they thinking?”

Here are five of the worst and most astounding decisions ever.

David Beckham Heads to the States

After playing for two of the most elite soccer clubs on the planet, Manchester United and Real Madrid, he decided to go to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Sure, the $32.5 million deal was pretty sweet, but a star needs a supporting cast, and Beckham didn’t find that in a country where soccer isn’t at the level of sacred like back home.

Tonya Harding Breaks a Leg, Just Not Hers

Being a problem child isn’t a benefit to your career when you’re one of the premier figure skaters of your time. Having your husband hire someone to break the leg of your biggest competitor and America’s sweetheart, Nancy Kerrigan, went well beyond the problem child reputation.

In 1994, Harding pleaded guilty, resulting in the United States Figure Skating Association banning her for life. As for Nancy, she became even more loved.

Michael Jordan Takes His First Retirement

After the Bull’s first ever three-peat in 1990-93, Michael Jordan decided it was time to play baseball to honor his father. The GOAT of basketball ended up playing in the minor league, and the Bulls still had a good season.

Fortunately, he returned to basketball in mid-1994. He shockingly pulled off another three-peat over the 1995-98 seasons, solidifying Jordan’s and the Chicago Bull’s place in history.

Michael Vick Runs a Dog Fighting Ring

You’re considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and the face of the Atlanta Falcons from 2001-06 but decide to run a dog fighting ring? Not a good move. Being found guilty in 2007 and serving two years in prison can hurt an NFL career.

Amazingly, Vick came back to play for the Eagles and found some redemption but dog fighting is still a stain that will always hang over him.

Sammy Sosa Corks His Bat

A top MLB slugger and a legend breaks his bat at the plate. Low and behold, the ump sees it has been corked to get longer hitting distance and ejects Sosa from the game. While claiming he accidentally grabbed the corked bat, many wondered how long he’d been cheating.

Sammy Sosa ended up tarring his legacy forever.

Sports Stars have made some tremendously ridiculous decisions. We could go on about Brett Farve ditching the Packers, Mike Tyson biting an ear, Barry Bonds shooting up, or the worst in history, Pete Rose gambling on his own games.

There will always be a sports decision that leaves fans scratching their heads.