5 Signs You’re Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

You’re never too young or too old to become a better person. But not surprisingly, for most of us, this knowledge comes with time and experience. Whether you’re actively trying to feel better about yourself or if it seems the change is happening organically, these five signs are indicators you’re on the right track:

1. You’re Learning New Things

Whether you’re out of college, out of work, or retired, you’ve come to realize that nothing stands in the way of learning new things. Maybe you’re reading more books, watching more world news, or getting out and talking more to people in your community. Or maybe you’ve recently signed up for a continuing education class on art or gardening. Regardless, you’re not standing still. And instead of losing the knowledge you once had, you’re actively training your brain to take in new information. 

2. You’re Thinking More About Your Community

You’re less worried these days about what your town, city, or government can do for you and more concerned about what you can do, yourself, to bring about positive change. Maybe you’ve taken on a volunteer role with the town council or signed up as a foster parent. Maybe you’re voting for the first time in your life. Regardless, you’ve noticed your focus is more outward than inward these days, and you’re realizing that there’s a lot you can do to make the world a better place. 

3. You’re Focusing More on How You Feel Than How You Look

You’re spending more time trying to eat well and exercise, but for different reasons. Once, you did both to maintain an hourglass figure or washboard abs. However, these days, you’re more concerned about energy levels and quality of sleep. Maybe you’ve taken up mindfulness training or yoga to help you manage stress. Or maybe you’re eating more fruits and vegetables and less fast food — not because you have to, but because you want to. 

4. You’re Learning How to Safeguard Your Peace

Those days of road rage are behind you, and instead of exchanging unpleasantries with that impatient driver who honks when the light turns green, you’re waving and going about your business. You’ve decided you’d rather go on with your peaceful day than let others bring you down to their level, and you actively seek out opportunities to make people feel good. 

5. You’re Actively Pursuing Joy

You may still have to report for work every day, but in your off time, you’re learning how to genuinely relax. You’re spending more hours with family and friends. And you’re prioritizing your time in such a way that life has become more enjoyable. Maybe you’re revisiting old hobbies or joining new community organizations. Maybe you’re hiking with friends on the weekends or finally learning how to sail. 

Regardless of why or what you’re doing to improve yourself and how you interact with others, it’s a commendable goal. And these five signs are guideposts that let you know you’re on the path to happiness and personal peace.