5 Most Ethical Tech Companies

Is it possible for a tech company to be ethical? Some companies are at least trying – you’d be surprised at the efforts many major corporations are going to to promote awareness and diversity within their work culture, focus on green-friendly practices, and do good work in general. Here’s 5 we want to single out for some recognition.

1. Apple, Inc.

For starters, Apple has a comprehensive ethics and compliance program that focuses on everything from global politics to social and environmental accountability.  Apple also invested 4.7 billion dollars in Green Bonds to help develop new low-carbon manufacturing technology. They purchase direct carbon-free aluminum, as well. 

The digital behemoth’s facilities are entirely powered by renewable energy, and everything about its products, from materials to packaging, is meant to have the least possible environmental impact. Apple’s assembly locations are Zero Waste to Landfill certified. Innovation made Apple the company it is today, but its ethical practices might be what keeps them there. 

2. Microsoft

Not surprisingly, Microsoft makes the list, too. This company has been involved in environmental issues since 2012, when it became officially 100 percent carbon neutral. 

They also operate a compliance program and use data analytics to help fight corruption. For example, the Microsoft compliance program focuses on prevention, remediation, and detection of issues and applies these rules to employees and suppliers. 

3. Dell Technologies

Dell has a number of programs in place to address environmental and societal issues. For example, their Culture Code sets standards their employees must follow. In addition, they focus on sustainability issues and diversity within the company. 

They also sponsor community initiatives to give technology to people who might not otherwise have access to it, such as children in low-income neighborhoods and other underrepresented groups. By 2030, they promise to deliver results to more than one billion people.

4. EcoCart

EcoCart is an eco-friendly tech firm that claims to have offset 4 million pounds of CO2 emissions, rescued over 8,000 trees, and helped power over 700 households thus far. 

Founded in 2019 by Peter Twomey and Dane Baker, EcoCart is a startup browser extension that allows customers to get free carbon offsets from certain businesses. Customers who choose to use EcoCart to offset their emissions earn EcoPoints for prizes and to help provide clean water and trees throughout the world, thanks to partnerships with over 10,000 businesses such as American Eagle and Glossier.

5.Bluebird Climate

Bluebird Climate has just one mission – to assist companies in attracting customers that care about sustainability and green business methods. The companies receive an in-depth study of their carbon and waste footprints, compared to similar brands in the sector. Their data will assist consumer brands in identifying possibilities to enhance sustainable practices and lower expenses.

The program focuses on the consumer products business, which contributes significantly to environmental carbon emissions. Bluebird intends to decarbonize the industry by enabling consumer brands to create and market products with low or no carbon footprints.

For these companies, ethics isn’t just a trend. They have solid strategies in place that make it everyday business practice.