5 Reasons To Consider Switching To Linux

Did you know that every single one of the world’s top 500 supercomputers is powered by Linux? And yet the vast majority of people stick with macOS and Windows operating systems. While Linux may be less flashy than more popular desktop platforms, it’s got a lot of allures.

Still not convinced you should give Linux a look? Read on for a roundup of five reasons to consider switching from your current OS to Linux.

1. it’s an open source operating system

Linux is an open source operating system, which means anyone can see and interact with its source code. End users have the constant ability to contribute to, modify, and enhance the source code for any reason or purpose.

This means that it’s in a perpetual stage of improvement.

And the community support you’ll find while running Linux is also unbeatable. Have a question or issue? All you have to do to access it is hop onto one of many online Linux forums, which are populated by Linux users from all over the globe.

The takeaway? While Microsoft is a corporation selling products, Linux is a community.

2. You won’t pay a dime

While other operating systems are associated with license fees and hardware fees, Linux is completely free for both personal and commercial use. Think of all the things you can do with that extra $200!

3. It’s extremely secure

No operating system is completely foolproof when it comes to security. However, Linux has more than earned its reputation as one of the most secure options—especially in comparison to Windows and macOS.

Even if this wasn’t true, the mere fact that Linux has a lower market share on desktop means it’s less likely to be a target for attackers. In fact, Linux is so secure that many users don’t bother with antivirus programs. This translates to even more savings in the form of costly monthly and yearly subscriptions you can expect to pay with less secure platforms.

Worried about your operating system collecting your user data? This isn’t a concern with Linux since you can see the source code and everything that’s being transmitted.

Plus, because Linux is open source, any user can fix a problem if one does occur. Conversely, you can sometimes feel like you’re waiting forever for a fix with Windows and macOS.

4. It’s surprisingly user-friendly

While many people assume that Linux is just for “techies,” it’s easier than ever to use thanks to many Linux distribution resources.

Even better? Nearly all drivers are installed on your system automatically, and updates are hassle-free, as well. Unlike with Windows, however, it’s also your choice whether or not you want to update.

And because Linux powered PCs aren’t crammed with a lot of extraneous software, they are much faster than other machines.

Finally, Linux is highly compatible. With some platforms, newer versions may only work with newer computers. This means that you’re out of luck if you have an old machine. Not so with Linux, which is compatible with most hardware and IoT devices.

5. Yes, you CAN game with it

Many people who don’t love Windows have stuck with it for one reason: they don’t want to give up their PC games. However, you’ve no longer got to choose between the two. Linux has made serious strides thanks to Steam Play and tools that leverage compatibility layers.

Is it perfect and can you play every game? Not yet. But it’s improving  by the day—and many people swear by the experience.