5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking More Water

Drinking water has become something of a national obsession as consumers experience a constant barrage of advertisements. We hear persuasive arguments to imbibe upwards of 15 cups of the clear liquid every day. And few disagree that staying hydrated is generally good advice. But the following 5 surprising benefits of drinking more water prove persuasive.

1: Drinking Water Reduces Hangover Symptoms

Beer, wine, and liquor are all diuretics that can have a net-loss effect when drinking them. Alcohol inhibits the production of the hormone “vasopressin,” which helps regulate water secretion. In other words, the alcohol in your beer, wine, or mixed drink makes you pee more frequently.

After a few drinks, the water content in the human body declines, even though you’ve been taking in liquids. Water loss, among other reasons, contributes to the nasty headache and other hangover symptoms people suffer in the morning. Instead of taking two aspirin and blending up some secret elixir, drinking water can help take the edge off your hangover.

2: Drinking More Water Can Calm You Down

The average adult male’s body is comprised of 60 percent water and women come in about 55 percent. The brain ranks as the third-highest water consumer of the body’s organs and systems at 75 percent. It’s no coincidence that even the slightest dip in this bodily fluid results in a saintly individual becoming cranky.

After strenuous activity that involves sweating, do your friends and family members a favor and drink a solid 16 ounces. And if someone in your inner circle acts a tad edgy, don’t engage. Just hand them an ice-cold bottle of water and watch their mood change.

3: Drinking More Water Facilitates Weight Loss

The metabolism functions best when all the systems are in harmony, and there’s enough water to make them run. By contrast, dehydration or even a modest water reduction causes the body to go into distress mode. Essentially, it becomes sluggish and doesn’t burn calories at an optimal rate.

On another front, drinking more water often serves as a replacement for caloric beverages. It also makes you feel full and eat less. Studies show that 44 percent of people who drank 16 ounces of water before a meal lost weight.

4: Drinking More Water Helps Ease Constipation

People sometimes attribute being constipated to lack of fiber or succumbing to the fast-food drive-thru. While those may be good reasons for feeling bloated and stopped up, dehydration could also be a factor. Just as the brain is affected by water levels, so are the other systems. Some water aficionados claim that mineral water ranks among the best options to speed a bowel movement along.

5: Drinking More Water Protects & Cleanses Your Body

Studies indicate that drinking more water provides pronounced health benefits. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells. When imbibing a healthy amount of H20 each day, the digestive system functions more efficiently. Research also points to reduced constipation, organ protection, and improved electrolyte balance. Water also helps your body flush bacteria through the bladder and that cleansing benefit helps you feel good.