5 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Pets

Out of all of the dog breeds out there, the most popular one in the United States is the golden retriever. These dogs weren’t originally from the United States as they were first bred in Scotland, but have become a staple of the American way of life and are typically associated with the country.

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country with golden retrievers of their own, and there are plenty of reasons why they make the best pets. Whether you’re looking for a new furry friend or looking for more reasons to brag about your golden retriever, here are five reasons why golden retrievers truly make the best pet of any dog breed.


Golden Retrievers are renowned for being among the most loyal breeds of domesticated animals. The more time spent with your pet, the stronger the bond will be. This is especially true for golden retrievers. Their loyalty and bond with their human counterparts are incredible. 

Throughout history, they’ve been bred as hunting companions, making them highly intelligent, patient, easy to train, and of course extremely loyal. One of the primary reasons owners yearn for an animal companion is the friendship, loyalty, and bond built through the years. It’s a special one that, although it ends sooner than we’d like, lasts a lifetime.  

Ease of Training

Being that golden retrievers have been bred and trained as companions for hunters throughout history, they’re gifted the helpful quality of being pretty easy to train. Training your pet makes a world of difference and can make your life easier. 

You and your pet will form a tighter bond when you take the step to train them. If trained properly, your pet should respond to your commands to perform, or cease an action. Golden Retrievers have many great qualities that make them ideal companions and the ease of training them is a big one. 


Dogs are sought after for their goofy, playful nature. Golden retrievers definitely deliver on that. If you’re an active person, or you’re an owner with a lot of energy to spare, these are the breed you’ll want as an addition to your family. 

Golden retrievers are social, friendly, and full of extroverted energy. Making them the perfect playful pal for you, your family, and even your children. If you’re an involved owner and love playing fetch, going to dog parks, taking trips, and exploring the world with your furry companion, this is the dog for you. 

Good With Kids

As previously mentioned, golden retrievers make wonderful family pets. Their gentle and friendly nature, paired with their energetic and playful personalities make them prime companions for families with children of any age. 

As a parent, you worry about the safety of your children and how your household pets interact with them. You don’t want to purchase a breed that will fill you with worry when they’re around your children. That’s why golden retrievers are the best choice for your family. 


By nature, golden retrievers are some of the friendliest dogs around. They’re never in a bad mood and always want to make new buddies because that’s the way they were bred. The friendliest dogs were bred to make great friends with humans, with goldens being the result. Hunters would often take them out for a long trip so that they had someone to spend time with during those hours of downtime.

So while not only are they great at assisting hunters with their end goal, but they also kept spirits high. As house pets, goldens love to sit with their best friends while also being the best greeter for new people that you can find. However, they do not make the best guard dogs because they’re so friendly.

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