Learning About Our Forebears – The Curious Joys of Genealogical Research

One of the more fascinating things that we learn about ourselves is where we came from. Most people tend to know their immediate family, a few cousins, and their grandparents and possibly great-grandparents. It can be challenging to find more extensive information, but it’s well worth the research into your family tree.

If you’ve been thinking about doing some genealogical research, there are plenty of ways to go about it whether it’s paid or simply speaking to extended family members. You’ll find that there are many great benefits to knowing your family’s history. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest joys behind doing genealogical research.

Preserving History

You won’t be the only member of your family that wants to know about history, so it’s important to make sure that each member knows and can pass it along to their children, as well. If you’re able to do your family’s research now, it will make it much easier to document for future generations. 

They’ll appreciate the hard work that you put into preserving the history, and the story of your ancestry will become more detailed as the years go by. Thanks to living in the digital era, we’re able to keep photos, documents, and more with the greatest of ease. You can bring binders to the family reunion to pass along and share, as well.

Know Who You Are

One of the biggest reasons why people research their ancestry in the first place is to learn more about themselves. We can begin to connect with our own personal history when we actually know who our family was and where they came from. 

By finding out the ethnic and geographical background of your family, you can revive some traditions that may have been lost over the years. Some that have done genealogical research have been surprised to find that they’re partly from a country where they had no idea they had roots. 

Medical Reasons

No matter what your reason for going to the doctor is, they’re going to want to know your family’s medical history. Doing your genealogical research can help you discover any potential problems that may arise for you, your siblings, and your offspring. 

Though it’s obviously not one of the more wholesome reasons to discover your ancestry, it can end up being the most beneficial. Things like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can be prevented with precautionary care when you know that it runs in the family. If some of your family members lived to be 90 or older, you may even be put at ease.

Family Bonding

There are a lot of family members that tend to grow apart over the years as they start their own families and have less time to reconnect, especially if the distance becomes an issue. Putting together the family history can help to get back in touch with a lot of those family members you haven’t seen in years, and talking about the history is a fantastic bonding opportunity.

If you have family members that enjoy putting together scrapbooks, videos, and albums, then you can make some great physical keepsakes with your family’s details. It’s a great way for older family members to share stories of older generations that the younger kids of the family never got the chance to meet.


While we can get inspired by classic tales of people that have overcome a lot of odds to find success, there may be some untold stories sitting right in your family tree. Many of your family members probably came from backgrounds where they had to escape persecution or became a rags to riches story.

You might find some inspiration from family members you never knew existed and emulate their stories. You never know where inspiration can come from, so why not turn to a person that’s part of your family and get that hope that you need. 

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