The Importance of Click Speed

When assembling a new computer setup for the first time, there are a lot of things that we take into consideration. From the monitor situation to the tower, one thing that tends to be overlooked is the mouse. However, getting the right mouse can be just as important as getting the right keyboard, especially when it comes to your mouse’s click speed. In the gaming world, click speed can make the difference between winning and losing a lot of times.

FPS Gaming

Perhaps the most impacted genre of video games when it comes to click speed is the first person shooter genre. In games like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, or PUBG, it’s not enough to simply make sure that you’re aiming in the right spot, but you also have to be able to fire off several shots at a time.

If your click speed is lagging, you could be missing out on what was the perfect shot and end up taking damage yourself. Even if you have the best mouse in the world for click speed, it’s also going to depend on how fast your hand can click on that mouse button enough to get the job done. Still, you can get faster click speed by getting a mouse that features a faster response time.

To find the right mouse, search for ones that have a higher polling rate and a lower click latency. Ergonomics will also help, as a traditional shaped mouse isn’t really fit for someone to click repeatedly for gaming. Mouses like the Razer Viper fit perfectly into a gamer’s hand while also featuring lightning fast polling rates and almost zero latency.

Idle Games

Some of the best time wasters that people have found on the internet are idle games. Games like AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes, and Realm Grinder do much of the work when sitting idle, but can increase in progress speed if the player is sitting there and clicking ahead. Obviously for these games, having a better click speed will speed up your progress tremendously. 

These games may not require skill and a high reaction speed, but all of those seconds that are saved with an improved click speed will certainly add up in the long run to make these games more worthwhile.


You might not think too much about it, but throughout the working day, you’re going to end up clicking on your mouse a lot. In an eight-hour work day, the average person tends to click about 6,000 times. You don’t really realize how much you’re clicking until you start counting in your head, so we want to apologize for putting that into your brain.

There are going to be some times throughout your job where you have to click repeatedly, whether it be deleting files or trying to keep up with a customer that’s talking your ear off on the phone. These seconds saved with a better click speed will add up over the work day, with one worker saying that he spent 16 hours in one year simply clicking on a mousepad. Had it been an ergonomic mouse with a low latency, it could have resulted in hours saved.

Improving Your Click Speed

While the importance of having a fast click speed is typically reserved for gamers, there are still a lot of smaller reasons why you’ll want to improve on yours. Thankfully, you can test your click speed and accuracy to see if it might just be your mouse or clicking style that needs to be changed.

There are a few clicking methods that get away from the norm, including butterfly clicking that has you using two fingers on the left mouse button and alternating between the two fingers. It would be hard to be the fastest in the world, though, as that record belongs to a man from Las Vegas who clicked over 1,000 times in just 10 seconds.

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