5 Reasons Why We Invest In Beautiful Stationery

Even though the world has gone more digital in the past 20 years or so, the use of stationery hasn’t really waned. In fact, the stationery industry has seen a huge uptick in revenue, with sales topping $24 billion in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic helped a lot of people get into stationery, and it’s projected that within a decade, stationery will be an industry valued at over $30 billion. If you want to see why so many people are getting into stationery and spending so much money, here are a few of the reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. There’s a Wide Variety

One of the best things about stationery is that the sky’s the limit. While there are some pieces of stationery that you’ll end up getting that someone else has, there’s a wide enough variety that you’ll be able to have your own unique collection. Just about every color that you can imagine is available to use, and you can use the variety of your stationery to fit your mood. If you’re feeling in a particularly chipper mood, you can use brighter colors and paper so that you can really express yourself.

4. Improves Your Organization

Every year, there are millions of people that have a New Year’s resolution that says they want to get more organized. However, most of those resolutions (just like many other ones) tend to fall by the wayside. One easy way to get yourself organized is through the power of stationery. You’ll notice that right away you have a spot for your pens, another for pencils, and more for your different types of paper. Once you get the stationery organization down, you’ll be more inclined to get the rest of your life organized.

3. Stands Out in Today’s World

In this day and age, people tend to only communicate one way, and that’s digitally. There’s nothing wrong with that as it’s the most effective and time saving form of communication, but it just doesn’t feel as personal. With stationery, you’re able to create something from the heart that uses your imagination and creativity to pass along messages that truly mean something. Think about how great you feel using your stationery. The person that receives your creation feels that same kind of high.

2. Feeling of Accomplishment

This concept sort of ties into the previous one about the digital world. Anybody can send an email in 11 point Arial font, but when you complete a project using your stationery, it’s something that’s truly your own and it will help you feel a major sense of accomplishment. The same applies to any form of art, really. Even before you finish, you’ll find that your mood is improved, your stress levels are reduced and you feel that you’re creating something worthwhile.

1. Unlimited Creativity

When it comes to what you can accomplish with your stationery, there really is no limit. If you want to create your own font, draw something that’s never been seen before or simply try to emulate some works of art. Tapping into that creative part of your brain unlocks so many feelings of pleasure that creating something digitally might not be able to replicate.

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