5 Scientific Facts All Dog Owners Should Know!

Having a dog is one of the most rewarding perks in the world. They are the kings and queens of unconditional love. There is plenty of work involved in caring for any pet, though. What scientific facts should you know about owning and loving a dog? 

1. Bad Breath is a Bad Thing

Dogs are prone to dental problems. So, vets warn that if your best friend kisses you with foul-smelling breath, pay attention. It could be a sign of dental disease. Bacteria live in a dog’s mouth the same way they do in humans. As they build up, they can emit foul-smelling gas. The smell may also be from the decay of the tissue in the dog’s mouth. 

2. Some Times Dogs Eat Poop

It’s just a fact, unfortunately. However, some pet owners see this behavior and think it means their friend is sick. It is not a sign of illness or a lack of good nutrition; it’s just that dogs are gross. The truth is they eat poop because they like the taste.

If watching a poop smorgasbord bothers you, ask your vet if there is anything that can be done. There are some products that might discourage this tasty treat. 

3. Hypoallergenic Dogs Don’t Exist

Breeders like to advertise some dogs as hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t cause allergic reactions if they live with you. The truth is that it is more fiction than fact. 

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. What you are getting is a breed less likely to shed. All dogs spread allergy-causing proteins through the skin, urine, and saliva. It’s just that some dogs shed them as gifts all over the house. 

What breeders call a hypoallergenic dog is really just one that won’t shed much. The proteins are still there, though, so if you have severe allergies, you might have a problem. 

4. Dogs Know What You are Saying to Them

It’s not your imagination. They really do. They may not have a good grasp of the language but can develop a basic understanding of certain words. If you say door, they sit by the door because they know what that word means. 

It’s not about memorization, either. Scientists have found dogs have more activation in the hearing regions of the brain when they hear certain words. It’s like a mother always hearing her baby cry at night even though she blocks everything else out. 

5. There is a Reason That Nose is so Cold

There is a scientific reason behind that cold nose, too. The tip of a dog’s nose stays around five degrees cooler than the room temperature. It’s not clear why this is but the current theory is that it is because the nose is what they use to smell through. They use their smell more actively than humans, so having it functioning properly is important to their overall health and safety. 

If you are considering getting a dog, then do your research so you understand your new best friend.