5 Signs to Know that You Are In a Toxic Friendship

Some friendships are not meant to be. You may have been drawn to a person at first because you shared the same interests or had mutual friends. But over time, you’ve noticed that you just don’t enjoy being around that person anymore.

It’s possible that you may have just outgrown this relationship. But it’s also possible that you may be in a toxic friendship. As the name suggests, a toxic friendship can be poisonous to your mental well-being. 

Not sure if your friendship is healthy or not? Then, please check out these 5 signs of a toxic friendship.

Number one. Everything is always about them.

You may be having the worst day ever. But don’t expect any sympathy from a toxic friend. Life is always going to be about them. So, even if you’re feeling down and in need of comforting, you can expect your toxic friend to try to make the situation about themselves.

The same will be true if something good should happen to you. A toxic friend is always going to try and upstage you or find some other way to steal the limelight. 

Number two. You can’t trust the other person. 

When you have a true friend, you can trust them. If you make plans, they’ll be there. And if you tell them a secret, they’ll keep it to themselves. 

A toxic friend, on the other hand, will have no problem ditching you, especially if something better comes along. They also tend to be two-faced, telling you one thing. But then saying something different behind your back. 

Number three. They’re always gas lighting you. 

Gas lighting is a form of emotional abuse. It happens when someone tries to make you question your perception of reality. For example, let’s say that your toxic friend insults you. If you were to call them out on it, they would probably claim it was only a joke. Or they might even deny ever saying the insult. It’s also possible that your friend will try to play the victim by accusing you of being overly sensitive. 

Number four. Life around your friend is a constant drama. 

Some people thrive on drama and chaos. They love to create huge scenes, often making a big deal out of nothing. In fact, they’ll do just about anything to draw attention to themselves. 

It can be very exhausting to be around this type of person. Especially since, you’re often the one left to mop up the messes that your toxic friend has created. 

Number five. You feel worse when you’re with this person than when you’re not. 

Do you cringe when you see that your toxic friend is calling? Do you feel mentally exhausted after spending time with your friend? Those are signs that your friendship is not healthy. In a true friendship, you should feel valued and happy. 

There is also give and take in a true friendship. In a toxic relationship, it will feel like the other person is always taking from you — taking your time, your energy, or your resources.