5 Signs You Think With Your Heart

There are two main ways of thinking, with the first being highly analytical and processing all information as if it was binary. There are no emotions involved and pertain mostly to future planning and outcomes based on success or failure rather than feelings. Then, there’s the way of thinking where instant emotions are the biggest determining factor. This is what happens when you’re using the right side of your brain, but many say that it’s thinking with your heart.

There’s about a 50-50 split in the world between these types of people. If you’re looking for some signs that give away that you think with your heart more than your head, here are five to look out for. It’s not a bad thing to think with your heart, but it’s best to simply be aware of your thought process.

You’re Highly Emotional or Sensitive 

Do you feel as though your emotions are the driving force in your decision-making process? Are you more sensitive, or have a strong emotional response in most situations? Odds are, you think with your heart. 

People whose hearts make all the decisions are oftentimes highly sensitive people who react emotionally to simple, or intense scenarios. They can be influenced by others’ emotions and are extremely empathetic, which can be seen as a fabulous skill, or sometimes a flaw. 

You Get Easily Hurt or Offended 

When it comes to empaths and highly sensitive people who think with their hearts, they are prone to being hurt or offended far more easily. Even if someone’s intentions aren’t meant to be taken negatively. Emotionally driven people can mistake an innocent quip or gesture as something unsavory and hurtful. 

In the event that you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to communicate your feelings as best you can to one another to clear up any confusion. Being quick to take things negatively can be seen as a flaw, but healthy communication and boundaries are usually all it takes to make things run smoothly. 

You Go Out of Your Way To Help Others 

One of many incredible traits possessed by those who think with their heart is their sense of selflessness. Emotional people are quick to empathize with those down on their luck, or struggling. They’re also quick to lend a helping hand and do what they can within their limits to alleviate the pain and suffering someone may be experiencing. 

Thinking with your heart can be a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, you can do so much good for the world, but on the other hand, you can’t help everyone. It can cause conflicting feelings within those whose hearts lead the way. 

You Pay Attention to Minor Details 

Something that a lot of people can appreciate, paying attention to minor details is a sign you think with your heart. You can spot telltale signs that indicate that something might not be right with someone. From their vocal patterns to how they’re sitting, you notice these details more than anybody else. People who think with their heads wouldn’t be able to see these signs unless it was painfully obvious to the eye (like being extremely ill).

People who think with their hearts will also want to remedy any situation and see why the other person is acting differently. This way of thinking can come in handy when you’re a parent or teacher and notice any slight changes in patterns for children. 

You Think in the Short-Term

People who think with their heads often wonder how a decision today will impact them 10 years from now. Those who think with their hearts tend to wonder how a decision will impact them for the next 10 minutes. This can mean buying something on a whim without worrying about the financial impact or helping someone now even if it makes you late for something else.

Heart-thinkers tend to live life day-by-day instead of year-by-year, which can certainly lead to more memorable moments and higher highs but can also lead to lower lows. It’s a mixed bag, but it’s certainly not boring by any stretch.

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