5 Signs You Think With Your Head

All of us have emotions, and being able to keep those emotions in check is a huge advantage in life. These people often tend to think rationally and make decisions based on reason and logic rather than how they’re feeling at that moment. There are some downsides, sure, but also plenty of advantages to this way of thinking.

You don’t want to ignore your feelings, but being able to analyze things without bias is a sign of critical thinking skills. Some of these traits are quite obvious, while others are subliminal and you may not have recognized them before. Let’s take a look at the people who think with their heads over their hearts, breaking down five surefire signs that you’re this type of person.

Calm in Tense Situations   

If you almost always have your wits about you and you think logically in tense situations, odds are you think with your head first. People who think with their hearts are typically highly sensitive and emotional people. People who think with their heads are quite the opposite. 

They are far better at composing themselves during times of high emotions and conflict. This can be an extremely useful trait, due to the efficiency and quick thinking, provided by those who think logically. Whether it be in your professional or personal life, it’s important to remain calm and diffuse any problematic situation.

Don’t Let Others’ Emotions Sway Your Decisions

Another way to tell if someone thinks with their head, rather than their heart is how much, or how little they are influenced by the emotions of people around them. When you are a logical thinker and decision-maker, more than likely, others will have a very difficult time attempting to pressure you through the use of their emotions. 

This trait can be extremely useful when making important personal decisions and standing your ground. At times, emotions can be weaponized and people who think logically tend to have more of an immunity against them. 

Can Come Off As Cold 

Coming off as cold in nature can sometimes be a characteristic in those who think logically, rather than those fueled by emotions. People who think with their hearts tend to be seen as warm, inviting, and friendly. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the people who think with their heads, who are usually fueled by knowledge, wit, blunt facts, and perhaps lack emotional warmth and depth. It’s not easy to hold the best of both worlds within a singular person and sometimes thinking with your head comes with a price. That’s not to say people who think logically aren’t warm and inviting. It’s important to have some form of emotional and logical balance.


Efficiency is a wonderful thing when completing important and, perhaps, time-sensitive tasks. When you’re someone who thinks with their head, you’re more likely to struggle less academically, strategically, and when it comes to making choices quickly and efficiently. 

Emotions can override a person’s system and make it difficult to think and perform with a clear and worry-free mind. That’s why thinking logically has its benefits and can be a wonderful tool. 


Those who think with their head more often tend to consider things analytically, and that typically bleeds over into finances. No matter what type of situation you’re in, you think of how much it will cost you both in the short and long terms. 

Someone that thinks with their head also usually has a budget that they stick to each month and are often checking their bank accounts to make sure everything looks right. Those who think with their hearts tend not to worry too much about short-term expenditures as they’re more focused on making people happy. If you’re someone who isn’t buying candy bars or tabloid magazines at grocery store checkouts, you likely think more with your head.

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