5 Signs of a Good Childcare Provider

After your child is born, there’s the natural feeling that you need to be around them 24 hours per day to make sure that they’re safe and protected. However, modern life comes calling and there are times when you have to spend hours at work or just away from your child in general. When that day comes, you have to search out a childcare provider, but that’s easier said than done.

If you’re looking for a childcare provider, there’s a lot of homework you have to do to ensure that you’re child is in good hands. Thankfully, many childcare providers have green flags that you should be looking out for, letting you know that they’re worthy of watching your child. Here are five signs that a provider can give you and your child everything that you need.

1. Your child feels safe around them

Probably the most important factor when it comes to determining a child’s level of comfort and security with a childcare provider, are the cues they give when they’re around that person. 

Do they seem as if they feel safe around this person? Are they acting out after contact with them? Do they show fear, or strong negative emotions when they’re initially left with that person? You know your child best and if there’s any doubt your child feels safe around a particular provider, always investigate and take action. 

2. They care about your wants and needs

One of the most important signs that your child is in good hands comes down to how the provider communicates with and listens to the wants and needs of the parents, or guardians. It shows a certain level of heartfelt concern for what’s best for the child and respecting the wishes of who is in charge of that child, even when they’re under the care of someone else. 

Parents are constantly filled with worry and it helps tremendously when the person caring for their child eases that seemingly never-ending parental anxiety.  Nobody should have to go through their day with justified worry about their child.

3. They enrich your child 

Anyone can care for a child, but it takes a special person to leave your child enriched after their time together. While there are plenty of childcare providers who can meet all of the other signs on the list, they may end up simply being an expensive babysitter as your child doesn’t really take away any skills or lessons even though they were safe and had fun.

Check the educational background of your childcare provider and sit in for a brief period with them while they’re at work. If you notice that all of the children are actively engaged and show strong self-esteem and interactivity, that’s a very good sign.

4. They are kind and level-headed

Parents always want what’s best for their children. They don’t want them to feel anxious, scared, or sad when they’re in the care of others. Being left under the care of others can be a lot for their dysregulated emotions and not-yet-mature brains to handle. 

So, naturally, some of the traits to look for in a good childcare provider are patience, kindness, and the ability to stay cool as a cucumber when things get tough. Over time, it helps to build trust between your child and their carer. 

5. They are flexible

No two children are the same, and that should be one of the biggest things that any childcare provider knows and practices each day. There are certain ways to handle each child, so a good provider has the ability to be flexible with their plans and can adapt in an instant. 

Flexibility doesn’t just mean actual care, too, but also with time. Schedules can get a bit hectic for anyone who has a child, and not every day is going to be the same. Good providers offer flexibility with their time, and those who don’t adhere to a set schedule that has to be followed will be much easier for you.

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