5 Signs You’re Becoming A Tea Snob

No matter what sort of thing that you get into, you can just as quickly turn into a snob on the subject. Sports, beer, movies, you name it. If it can be widely enjoyed, there’s always someone that might turn up their nose and try to prove that they know more about any given topic. When it comes to certain beverages, tea isn’t really one that’s considered to have a big population of “snobs,” at least not in the United States where we have coffee snobs. It’s more of a United Kingdom thing, but there are still plenty. You might be among them and not even know it, though! Here are some signs that you may be in the ranks of the tea snobs.

5. Scoffing at Coffee

One of the telltale signs that you’re a tea snob is by completely denouncing that coffee has its benefits in any capacity. You’ll tell people that there’s simply too much caffeine in coffee, that it’s too expensive, that it tastes so bad that it needs creamer and sugar just to be consumed, etc. That’s if you even go to a coffee shop to judge people, though. Most tea snobs will be disgusted by the sight of a place like Starbucks.

4. Flavors are for Noobs

When it comes to being a snob about anything, you always want to handicap yourself for some reason. Gamers always want to set the hardest difficulty and talk about the good old days when games weren’t so easy, and tea drinkers prefer to have zero added flavor to their tea. For snobs, it’s just them, boiled water and your average tea leaf. It doesn’t matter if they like it or not, they just want to be seen as purists.

3. Microwhats?

Some people like to make their tea in the microwave since it’s quick and easy. For the snobbiest of tea purists, though, you may as well be insulting their family members. You won’t catch a tea snob dead without their kettle since it hits just the right spot. What would they do without their kettles? Nobody wants to find out.

2. You Know the Spots

For your casual drinker, they have no problem settling down at a spot where tea is served as they just want the caffeine and the flavor. If you’re on the extra snobby side of things, though, you must have a particular spot where you get your tea. It doesn’t matter if it’s eight miles out of the way or even the best. That’s your spot and they know your name and order by heart. You even know the best places to go that aren’t even in your city as you know “that charming little spot in Des Moines, Iowa.”

1. You Display Your Teas

Finally, one way that you know you’ve converted to full tea snob-ism is when you have your own little museum of teas that you’ve collected. You might not plan on drinking any of them, but you don’t want to let the packaging go to waste. When this happens, you’re the tea world’s version of the person that collects vintage action figures and other toys. Will these teas be worth something one day? Like the Beanie Baby, we doubt it, but it at least it looks good.

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