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5 Signs You’re Becoming A Tea Snob

No matter what sort of thing that you get into, you can just as quickly turn into a snob on the subject. Sports, beer, movies, you name it. If it can be widely enjoyed, there’s always someone that might turn up their nose and try to prove that they know more about any given topic. When it comes to certain beverages, tea isn’t really one that’s considered to have a big population of “snobs,” at least not in the United States where we have coffee snobs. It’s more of a United Kingdom thing, but there are still plenty. You might be among them and not even know it, though! Here are some signs that you may be in the ranks of the tea snobs.

5. Scoffing at Coffee

One of the telltale signs that you’re a tea snob is by completely denouncing that coffee has its benefits in any capacity. You’ll tell people that there’s simply too much caffeine in coffee, that it’s too expensive, that it tastes so bad that it needs creamer and sugar just to be consumed, etc. That’s if you even go to a coffee shop to judge people, though. Most tea snobs will be disgusted by the sight of a place like Starbucks.

4. Flavors are for Noobs

When it comes to being a snob about anything, you always want to handicap yourself for some reason. Gamers always want to set the hardest difficulty and talk about the good old days when games weren’t so easy, and tea drinkers prefer to have zero added flavor to their tea. For snobs, it’s just them, boiled water and your average tea leaf. It doesn’t matter if they like it or not, they just want to be seen as purists.

3. Microwhats?

Some people like to make their tea in the microwave since it’s quick and easy. For the snobbiest of tea purists, though, you may as well be insulting their family members. You won’t catch a tea snob dead without their kettle since it hits just the right spot. What would they do without their kettles? Nobody wants to find out.

2. You Know the Spots

For your casual drinker, they have no problem settling down at a spot where tea is served as they just want the caffeine and the flavor. If you’re on the extra snobby side of things, though, you must have a particular spot where you get your tea. It doesn’t matter if it’s eight miles out of the way or even the best. That’s your spot and they know your name and order by heart. You even know the best places to go that aren’t even in your city as you know “that charming little spot in Des Moines, Iowa.”

1. You Display Your Teas

Finally, one way that you know you’ve converted to full tea snob-ism is when you have your own little museum of teas that you’ve collected. You might not plan on drinking any of them, but you don’t want to let the packaging go to waste. When this happens, you’re the tea world’s version of the person that collects vintage action figures and other toys. Will these teas be worth something one day? Like the Beanie Baby, we doubt it, but it at least it looks good.

5 Crazy Facts About Tea

People are absolutely crazy about their tea, and for good reason. Not only does tea taste great, but it’s also packed with health benefits. You probably know how much tea you drink on a regular basis and how much you’re spending on it, but there are some interesting facts about tea that you may not have known. Let’s take a glimpse into the world of tea and see what makes this drink tick.

5. The Price of Tea

The average cost of tea is about $0.25 to $0.40 per cup, which is one reason why it’s so popular. What if you wanted to go all out and spend some big bucks on tea, though? Among the most expensive teas in the world, you’ll find Tieguanyin, vintage Narcissus, PG Tips and Panda Dung Tea that range from $1,500 to $35,000 per pound. The most expensive tea, though, is Da Hong Pao, which goes back to the Ming Dynasty and is valued at $600,000 per pound.

4. Iced Iced Tea Leaves

Tea is great on its own, but there are many people that prefer the iced version of the drink. In fact, nearly 70 million Americans drink iced tea every single day, but where did it come from? The earliest known documentation of iced tea came from the 1820s, and became more popular in print during the 1860s and 70s. It wasn’t until the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri that iced tea really started to take off in the United States after being introduced by Richard Blechynden.

3. Inception of Tea

Tea is one of the oldest drinks in the world, and the origins of tea are somewhat documented if not left to legend. The most widely accepted origin of tea comes from 2,737 BC from Emperor Shennong of China. The legend reads that Shennong had a servant who was boiling drinking water when a tea leaf fell into the water and he enjoyed the taste. In terms of full documentation, tea goes back to around 2nd century BC with writings at the time saying that tea use went even further back.

2. Tea Types

When you think of how many types of tea there are, you probably consider the handful of main types such as oolong or green tea. While there are the primary types, there are many different subtypes, and the amount of them might be surprising. All in all, there are over 3,000 different types of tea in the world. Think of tea the same way you do peppers, with very specific types not being too well known.

1. British Consumption

In Great Britain, there’s an estimated 67.2 million people. How many cups of tea do you think that translates to in a day? 10 million? 20 million? Not even close. Every day, Brits consume 100 million cups of tea. It doesn’t matter what age someone is in Great Britain, everyone is seemingly drinking at least one cup each day. This translates to 36 billion cups of tea every year, with three quarters of Brits drinking tea regularly and only 12 percent saying that they never drink tea. 58 percent are drinking two cups or more.

5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Tea

Doctors around the world are getting on board with getting people to drink more tea on a regular basis, and it’s easy to see why. You probably know that tea is good for your overall health, but do you know exactly what it can do for you? Tea can help in more ways than you might think, and in every part of your body. Don’t believe us? Here are five surprising benefits that you get from ditching soda and making the switch to tea.

5. Save Yourself Money

Before we get into the health aspects of drinking tea, we first have to stress how much money it can save you compared to drinking soda. It’s estimated that the average household in the United States spends nearly $900 on soft drinks, with most of that coming from soda and a total of $65 billion from the country as a whole. Tea is a cheaper alternative as one pound of loose leaf tea can make nearly 200 cups.

4. Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things that you can do for your body, but a majority of people aren’t getting enough. Many people might not think that tea is good for promoting sleep due to the natural caffeine that’s found within, but the amount that you’ll find isn’t as nearly as much as it is in sugary sodas or energy drinks. In fact, tea will help you sleep thanks to the theanine content that promotes relaxation and healthy brain function.

3. Weight Loss

There’s one reason why many people are putting their sugary sodas away for good and switching to regular glasses of tea. It’s not just the reduced cost, but also the reduced waistlines and reduced numbers on the scales. Green tea is a natural metabolism booster according to studies. In one major study in Taiwan, men who drank green tea every day burned up to 200 more calories daily than those that didn’t. It might not seem like a big difference, but over the course of a whole year it adds up.

2. A Healthier Smile

Many of us think that good oral health comes from avoiding too much sugar while brushing and flossing on a daily basis. On top of all of that, drinking tea regularly helps maintain your tooth and gum health. Certain types of tea (especially green and black tea) contain a healthy amount of fluoride, which has been shown to prevent decay. Harmful bacteria in your mouth can be eliminated with tea, with the British Dental Association saying that tea is “non-erosive” and a great alternative to other drinks.

1. Great for the Skin

Because of its antioxidants, tea is great for your skin thanks to the elimination of free radicals that can cause aging and even skin cancer. Those that drink green tea on a regular basis have been shown by studies to have lower skin cancer rates, but you don’t even have to drink tea to get the great skin benefits. Using a scrub that’s comprised of green tea leaves helps to eliminate blackheads and relieves oily skin. Even placing tea bags on your eyes can reduce aging and bags.

5 Countries Which Excel at Tea

There aren’t many things that everyone around the world can agree upon, but one of those things is our love for tea. Whether you’re in a country where drinking tea several times a day is the norm or if it’s something that you sip once in a while, tea has a big presence in every country. There are certain countries where tea just means more, though. We’re not just talking about tea being a global export, though, as the countries we have in mind 

5. Morocco

Morocco’s tea is so good that the country’s official website has an entire page dedicated to the tradition of their tea making. For Moroccans, it is a tradition “that signifies hospitality and friendship, and is carried out with great care,” the country says. Tea preparation is a bit different in Morocco and is considered to be more sweet, as sugar is added to their tea in very liberal amounts. Moroccan tea is also mintier, packing a strong taste into every cup.

4. Turkey

Just like Morocco, the tourism board of Turkey is so dedicated to tea that they tell you exactly how to make their style of tea at home. This includes using lime-free water and a tea kettle for the right temperature and when you should drink your cup. Turkish tea is withered to around 50 percent water content during its production and there are a lot of different flavors. You’ll notice that Turkish tea isn’t the minty type, opting for a red color that tastes amazing. On average, Turks drink more tea than all but three countries worldwide.

3. India

India is one of the first countries that comes to mind to even the most casual tea drinker, since tea that comes from there is known as Chai tea. Chai tea is spicier than most types and is served piping hot. Of course, sugar and milk are added to the tea, giving it a nice blend of spice, sweet and temperature heat that’s consumed multiple times per day by most Indians. The tea that’s native to India is enjoyed around the world, and the climate makes it unique.

2. Sri Lanka

Just like India, its neighbor Sri Lanka has its own type of tea and has become one of the most popular types in the world. We’re talking about Ceylon tea, which was first introduced in the second half of the 19th century. Since then, people have been blown away by Sri Lankan tea, which has a brighter color with a taste that’s both bold and brisk with hints of chocolate and citrus. It’s a perfect tea for relaxation, and there are six regions in the small country that grow this amazing tea. 

1. China

You can’t talk about tea without bringing up the country that far and away has the richest history and the biggest global footprint, and that’s China. There are all types of tea grown in China due to the country’s size that allows for different climates, and this includes green, red and many more. There’s really no wrong Chinese tea that you can pick from the list as they all taste amazing and have more health benefits than you can shake a stick at.

The 5 Best American Craft Beers

It’s hard to believe that in 2009 there were only 1,600 craft breweries in the good ole US of A. When we fast forward just 12 years later to 2021 we’re now seeing over 9,000 operating craft breweries across the country. 

Craft beer is not only giving consumers a whole new tasting experience, but the culture of the craft brewery scene is highly sought-after. Craft breweries are places where couples, friends, and families can mingle, relax, and enjoy chill vibes, usually with good music and solid food as well.

To identify the 5 best American craft beers, we’ve leaned on BeerAdvocate. These guys have been the benchmark setter for beer reviews since 1996 and they are one of the oldest beer communities, so they know their stuff.  

As of today, the top 5 best American craft beers in terms of the average rating are as follows:

1. Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

The Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout from Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in Iowa is currently ranked #1 with over 717 ratings and a whopping 4.83/5 average. 

This beer is sporting notes of “chocolate chip pancakes drenched with maple syrup served with espresso and a shot of bourbon, all in one sip.” When you have a dessert in a bottle coming in at 12% ABV, it’s no wonder this American Imperial Stout is popular.  

Americans love their pancakes and Goliath just made them in beer form.

2. Marshmallow Handjee

The Marshmallow Handjee from 3 Floyds Brewing Company in Indiana comes in at #2 with over 1,439 ratings and a 4.73/5 average. 

With one reviewer explaining their rating as “just because it can’t be perfect, I guess, but it’s damn close,” this Russian Imperial Stout has been aged in bourbon barrels with extra vanilla beans. This beer comes in at a whopping 15% ABV. When most beers across the board are around 4.5% ABV — woo!  

3. Abraxas – Barrel-Aged

The Abraxas – Barrel-Aged from Perennial Artisan Ales in Missouri takes the third spot with over 1,474 ratings and a 4.73/5 average. 

This Imperial Stout comes in with an 11% ABV and has been aged in Rittenhouse rye barrels for twelve months. Twelve months for a beer! It’s got notes of cacao nibs, vanilla beans, ancho chiles, and cinnamon sticks too! 

4. Vanilla Bean Assassin

The Vanilla Beach Assassin is another one from Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in Iowa making headlines. Two beers in the top five from the same brewery is quite impressive — go Iowa! Beer #4 has over 90 ratings with a 4.79/5 score. 


This is another Imperial Stout on the list, but this one is aged in whiskey barrels with extra vanilla beans. Coming in at 12.8% ABV, reviews for this beer compliment its thick mouthfeel and full-flavored body.   

5. Heady Topper

Rounding out the top five is Heady Topper from The Alchemist in Vermont. This beer has over 12,403 ratings with a 4.71/5 rating and is an American Double IPA coming in at 8% ABV. 

The Heady Topper reviews state that it’s “so drinkable, it’s scary.” With people highlighting that “sometimes I wish I could crawl right into the can.” That sounds like quite the endorsement!

You can’t say we Americans don’t like our flavor bombs! 

In this industry, new trends and flavors are happening all the time, so keep an eye out for the next popular thing!

5 Cocktails For People Who Don’t Like Cocktails

Some of us like cocktails that might be best described as brutal. Others want a fun and refreshing experience that feels like sunbathing on a beach in Mexico. Well, this article is for the beach in Mexico crowd. Let’s talk about fruity goodness that goes down easy while celebrating in the balmy evening.

Bear in mind that these cocktails hardly taste like they have alcohol in them and go down very easily. It is always important to drink responsibly. Enjoy these fruity concoctions, and always make sure there is a designated driver.

Here are five cocktails anyone can appreciate.

Pina Colada

So it is the basis for one of the worst/greatest songs in history, but it is also a delicious drink. If you get caught in the rain, this is the drink of the tropics with a strong foundation in coconut and pineapple.

Take rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk and enjoy this frosty, blended cocktail.

Sex on the Beach

Sure it sounds naughty, but it tastes oh so good. This refreshing summer cocktail tastes like you’re right by the beach, and it’s easy drinking.

A mixture of vodka, Peach Schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice is pure refreshment that is subtly sweet and fruity.

Strawberry Margaritas

A frosty concoction that tastes like, well, a frosty strawberry concoction? Sure. Perfect. This is a cocktail that you’d never know is a cocktail if someone didn’t tell you. And it is very easy to overdo it if you’re not cautious. Tasty things go down fast and easy and sometimes too easy.

Some tequila, triple sec, strawberry puree, and lime juice create this sweet concoction that was the basis for the famous song, Margaritaville.


Mimosas are all the rage and took off with the Sunday brunch tradition. Certainly, you’ve had a few friends who had a much too fun Sunday brunch. The thing about mimosas is that they aren’t intense or strong because they are a juice mixed with champagne, but they go down very quickly.

While the traditional mimosa is champagne and orange juice, innovation has come to the mimosa, and many mixtures are now available.

Fuzzy Navel

Someone got creative in the 80s and said, “Let’s take a basic screwdriver and make it better.” Thus was born the fuzzy navel. It is a party drink with delightful flavors covering vodka’s bitterness.

This drink is super easy to make as it is just orange juice and peach schnapps. The alcohol content isn’t high, but the fun factor might result in drinking too much. Be careful.

Are you thirsty yet? Each of these fruity and tasty concoctions is simply a delight to drink. They aren’t the potent whiskey cocktail or dirty martini with a definitive alcohol taste. Each is a fun drink that has little alcohol taste and a whole lot of refreshment.

Enjoy your pina colada and getting caught in the rain.

5 Reasons You Should Brew Your Own Beer

If you watch TV ads, you might assume that all beer comes from big breweries. For a long time that was true, but toward the end of the 20th century, a new wave emerged. Beer enthusiasts decided they could do better. Some created small breweries, and others began preparing batches for themselves and friends at home.

With plenty of available expert advice along with inexpensive brewing equipment, DIY beer keeps getting easier to produce. Here are five reasons you should jump on the bandwagon and start brewing your own beer.

1. You Can Save Money

Sure, there’s a start-up cost, but it’s less than you might think. A beginner’s home brewing kit can be had for under $100. Buying the ingredients may make your first batch seem costly, but you get to keep using those ingredients for many iterations.

Once you’re up and running, the expense can be under 70 cents a beer. That’s less than the cost of name-brand beers and far less than the craft beers that are more comparable to a good homemade product.

Most enthusiasts, though, don’t brew at home primarily to save money. Read on for other reasons.

2. You Can Brew the Beer You Really Want

Any old lager will quench your thirst after you cut the grass, but there are times you want some beer with distinctive taste and complexity. Whether you prefer a wheat beer, a stout or one of the myriad varieties of IPA, your choice is always on tap when you make your own. If you’d like a beer with cucumber, jalapeno or papaya, you can infuse your version with as much or as little of the flavor as suits you.

3. You Become Part of a Community

Home brewers are passionate about their hobby. They love to brew beer, drink it, compare it and talk about it. You’ll find yourself initiated into a friendly society that’s always ready to welcome a new member.

They’re happy to answer questions, offer opinions and share their latest tips on equipment, techniques or ingredients. You’ll find them discussing the ins and outs of their hobby in live groups, on social media and at conventions.

4. Making Beer Is Fun

It’s easy to get started. You can work at it as hard as you want: stick to the standard recipes or challenge yourself to excel and even win contests. It’s a great way to spend time alone, and it can be even more fun with a like-minded friend or two.

You get to learn a little science and be creative. You play with interesting toys such as thermometers, tubes and brewpots. When the brew finally goes into the bottle, you can step back and bask in the pride of what you’ve accomplished.

5. You’ll Enjoy Sharing Your Wares

Anybody can pick up a six-pack on the way to a party, but it makes a bigger splash when you bring a few bottles of your latest creation. Homebrew is an appreciated gift for Christmas and birthdays. Who knows, your friends might like your product so much that they join you in the hobby.

5 Ways to Raise Your Coffee Game

In today’s mile-a-minute world, getting your daily dose of caffeine through coffee is something most of us depend on. Sure, any old cup of Joe will keep you buzzing, but if you want to savor the flavor, it is time to get more serious about what’s in your coffee mug. Here are some of the ways to really love your coffee.

Five Changes You Can Make to Transform Your Coffee Drinking Totally

Number 1: Say Goodbye to Convenience

Everyone loves how easy it is easy to use a pod coffee maker or instant coffee, but they require you to give up too much on taste, so if you don’t already have an alternative way to brew coffee, get one. Never feel you have to jump directly to a manual pour-over or another trendy brewing method. An automatic pour-over machine works perfectly well and can deliver fabulous coffee.

Number 2: Clean Your Coffee Maker

For those who already use another coffee brewing method, when was the last time you cleaned it? We are talking about an actual deep cleaning where you clean the machine inside and out. For the best results, you should run a few cycles of a detergent made for coffee machines or a 50-50 mix of water and white vinegar every two weeks. However, if that seems a little obsessive, at least do it once every month. It isn’t difficult, and believe it or not; you will notice a huge difference.  

Number 3: Buy a Grinder

If you are not already buying whole beans and grinding them moments before making coffee, you need to be. Within minutes of grinding beans, the quality starts to go down. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent grinder, but it is worth paying 20 or 30 bucks to pick up a conical burr instead of a cheaper blade grinder that is much less effective. 

Number 4: Use Better Water

Water makes up the bulk of any cup of coffee, so it is no surprise that using better water for brewing will result in better flavor. Even if you regularly drink the water from your faucet, your coffee will benefit from filtering the water. If you prefer, you can use spring water, but distilled or reverse osmosis water aren’t good choices. Ultrapure water doesn’t have the minerals that keep the coffee from tasting flat and tends to over-extract the grounds, making the coffee very bitter. 

Number 5: Make Coffee a Daily Ritual

When you turn your coffee-drinking habit into more of a ritual setting, you learn to appreciate it more and really begin to savory the flavors. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes as ‘sacred coffee time’ by getting rid of any distractions. It is easy to turn everything from the brewing process to sipping into a meditation that can clear your mind and set you up for a great day. 

While these hints may not turn you into a third-wave barista, they will definitely improve your coffee0drinking experience.  





5 Ways To Help Yourself Drink More Water

Water is something that most of us have access to, but many neglect to drink the recommended amount. It’s estimated that more than 40 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough water on a daily basis. Experts suggest that you should be getting 3.7 liters per day if you’re a male, and 2.7 liters if you’re female. So how do we make sure that we’re drinking enough water? Here are a few tips to get to that recommended daily amount.

5. Water at Every Meal

When you sit down for a meal, there’s a good chance that you opt for something like juice, milk and, of course, soda, as your beverage of choice. To make sure that you’re staying hydrated, turn to a glass or bottle of water, instead. You’re much more likely to drink more as you’re eating, so pairing water with meals is a surefire way to get that extra boost you need. It will also save you a lot of money while eating out as restaurants tend to charge far extra for non-water drinks.

4. Add Some Flavor

What’s one of the reasons that people gravitate toward soda during meals instead of water? The taste, of course. Water is seen as too “bland” to some people, so why not add a little flavor to it to make things interesting? Between sugar free flavoring packets that can be used in bottles to simply getting some drops of fruit juice, there are a lot of options to pick from. However, you should probably steer clear of adding a bunch of sugar into your water.

3. Take Advantages of Apps

We live in a busy society, so it’s completely understandable that we forget to do some things that we deem to be minor. This includes sipping on water, but just like with anything, there’s an app for that. Hydration apps are no exception, and there are plenty on both iOS and the Google Play Store that can remind you to drink water with push notifications. Daily Water Tracker Reminder, Hydro Coach and WaterMinder are just a few of the 

2. Use a Straw

It might seem a little silly, but you’re likely to drink more throughout the day if you’re using a straw rather than gulping water (or any beverage). There’s a certain psychology to it, and it says that when a straw is in front of you, you’ll continuously sip as long as it’s there. You’ve probably seen people that have those massive water bottles with the built-in straw at work. Think about how much they have that straw in their mouth throughout the day and you’ll realize just how much water they’re getting.

1. Get a Water Filter

One of the biggest complaints that people have with their tap water is that it doesn’t taste quite right. It’s a perfectly acceptable response, too, as not every town or city is going to have good tasting (or even safe) water to drink. For this reason, getting a water filter is the smartest thing you can do for yourself. They’re inexpensive and make your water crisp and refreshing. Just a one time investment goes a long way, especially with more than 70 percent of Americans concerned about their city’s water.

The 5 Weirdest (And Most Wonderful) Coffee Shops In The World

For most people, we have our comfort spots. The places that we know are going to be consistent and become part of our routine. For a lot of people, coffee shops are among those places where we find ourselves on a near daily basis. Typically, you’ll find people flocking to Starbucks or a more regional chain. There’s more to life than just the big name brands, though. If you want to traverse the world and find the most out-there coffee shops in the world, here are some that you must see at least once.

5. East Beach Cafe

Our first coffee stop is located in Littlehampton, England where you’ll see one of the most unique looking exteriors for a coffee shop. The back end of the shop doesn’t have any windows, but when inside you’ll at least be treated to a nice view of the sea while you’re sipping on your morning joe. This award winning building definitely stands out and the coffee inside isn’t so bad, either.

4. Cafe Du Soleil

There are many coffee shops around the world that are named Cafe Du Soleil, but only one sits at the very peak of a mountain. In Vietnam, Cafe Du Soleil sits atop Mount Fansipan and offers some of the most extraordinary views that you can possibly hope for, coffee shop or not. On particular days, you’ll be sitting above the clouds and gazing at the natural wonders of the world while enjoying comfortable seating and some of the best coffee in the country. If you’re afraid of heights, though, you might want to have your coffee delivered to the base of the mountain.

3. Lhong Tou Cafe

Our next visit takes us to Thailand where you’ll find Bangkok’s Lhong Tou Cafe. This has become a popular tourist destination throughout the years thanks to a very unique interior that makes you feel like you’re in the neighborhood’s most exclusive treehouse. A lot of the seating within the cafe requires some climbing, so make sure you’re up to the challenge to get to the second level without spilling one of the many delicious drinks that Lhong Tou has to offer.

2. Airship Coffee

We couldn’t talk about coffee shops without including at least one from the United States. Perhaps the most unique that the country has to offer is in the same hometown as retail giant Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas. Airship Coffee, from its exterior, looks like it’s about to host a Shakespeare in the Park evening, but is actually a tourist destination for coffee lovers. Brewing their own coffee, Airship is an open-air concept that will make you feel right at home in Arkansas.

1. Chillout Ice Lounge

Here in the United States we have Las Vegas, but the United Arab Emirates has their own Vegas in the form of Dubai. There, you’ll see some of the most unique concepts, which includes a coffee shop where the interior is made of ice. While sitting in subzero temperatures, you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee, as well as other drinks like hot chocolate and cocktails (sans alcohol).