5 Special Ingredients To Make Your Dishes Memorable

Ingredients are the foundation of any meal. With the right combination of ingredients, you can take a meal from boring, bland, or repetitive to a special, unique, and memorable dish. By finding the right secret ingredients for each meal you plan, it is possible to make your cooking stand out.

Truffle Oil

For meals that incorporate mushrooms, truffle oil is a great addition to enhance the taste. Truffle oil provides an earthy flavor that pairs well with a variety of meals and food options. For example, you can add oil to the top of pasta or drizzle truffle oil over a bowl of soup before serving it. You can also add truffle oil to butter and salt when making popcorn for an interesting and fun snack.

Coriander Powder

Many dishes and recipes call for cilantro to garnish the meal. While cilantro is a common ingredient, you may not realize that coriander powder is made from the same plant. The powder is made from the seeds of the plant, while cilantro refers to the stem and leaves of the plant. Coriander powder offers a mild flavor that enhances the taste of other spices and is often a secret ingredient in different recipes. Add the coriander powder to curries or spiced dishes to enhance the other spices. You can also add the spice to baked sweets or meals for an unexpected flavor. It pairs well with casseroles and savory baked goods.

Kashmiri Red Chili Powder

Kashmiri red chili powder is often used in Indian dishes to provide a medium-hot taste to the food. While it is ideal for mild to medium-hot dishes, it offers an additional benefit in cooking. The chili has a naturally vibrant red color that makes the food look appealing due to the color. It provides a bright red shade for Indian dishes without using food coloring. Since it is not too hot, the spice is ideal for tandoori chicken or other dishes with a vibrant color.


Cinnamon is a sweet bark that adds to many dishes and foods. Since it has a naturally sweet flavor, it helps you reduce the amount of sugar you need in many sweets and meals. It also enhances the taste of other spices. Use cinnamon in baked bread, cookies, pies, or other sweet treats. You can also add cinnamon to curry dishes when tempering your oil.


Cardamom is similar to cinnamon in the way it offers a warming and sweet flavor. The flavor makes it ideal for cooking spicy meals, sweet dishes, and even chai. It is a good option to add a touch of sweet flavor without adding sugar to a meal. Use cardamom with any sweet that calls for milk. It pairs well with rice pudding, ras malai, and black tea. You can also use cardamom in any dish that calls for cloves.

Make your meals memorable and interesting by trying out unique and fun ingredients. Use new spices and oils to change the flavor of your favorite sweet treats, savory snacks, or dinner dishes.