5 Surprise Birthday Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Men can be incredibly difficult to shop for in terms of a birthday present (or really any holiday). We’ve all heard the famous male catchphrase “I don’t want anything this year,” and while they can say it over and over, most men don’t actually mean that. If you find yourself in this predicament with your boyfriend or husband’s birthday coming up, there is hope.

There’s a long list of surprise ideas that you can use for your man’s birthday, no matter what his interests are. Whether he’s deep into sports, knowing every player’s statistics over the past 10 years, or prefers the arts more, there’s something special waiting. Here are five surprise birthday ideas for your boyfriend or husband that not only he will enjoy, but you’ll get to have fun alongside him.


Sporting events are a fun and exhilarating experience any fan would love to attend for their birthday. Especially if the sporting event is an important one they’ve been anticipating or involves their favorite team, or favorite sports rivalry. 

It’s also something you can do together as a couple, with family, and friends. Even if you’re not a sports fan yourself,  the energy of the crowd and seeing your partner happy will make it a fun time and give you a memory you’ll both cherish.  

Brewery Tour

A fun idea for the beer-loving guy in your life, a tour of their favorite brewery will make their birthday one to remember, hopefully. Beer is great and specialty beer is even better. Breweries typically have great food pairings to go with their beers within or nearby the establishment. 

In the end, you, your lover, and whoever else they want to bring along can enjoy a nice meal and drinks after viewing the intriguing process of making their favorite brews. It’s bound to be a great, low-key experience for their birthday and you can bring home goodies to enjoy the following days as well. 

Make Them Something 

If you want to melt your loved one’s heart, making them a homemade gift will probably do it.  If you’re the creative type, writing them a song, painting them a picture, baking them their favorite treat, cooking them their favorite meal, any way of using your artistic ability to create them a thoughtful gift is a unique way to show them how much you care. 

Even if you’re not the most creative, there are tons of cute things you can put together on your own that will make their birthday a special one. You could order a personalized gift as well if all else fails. 

Pamper Them 

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy being pampered. If your guy is comfortable with it, plan a special spa day for them. If they’re apprehensive, pampering them yourself is a great alternative to going to a spa to treat them. Comfort is the most important factor when considering a day of bliss and relaxation, so keep in mind what they like and what they’re comfortable with. 

Book a couples spa package to make it a romantic experience. Or if you’re doing it yourself, prepare some light snacks and refreshing drinks, turn the lights down low, grab the massage oil, and do your thing. 


Who doesn’t love games? Even the most burly guy indulges in some form of gaming. Whether it’s board games, video games, arcade games, sport-focused games, ax throwing, or escape room games, the guy in your life would love a birthday gaming bonanza for his special day. 

Take your man out for a night of fun food, drinks, and fun. Or perhaps put together a nice gift with games they’ve been eyeing and haven’t yet bought for themselves. It’s a sweet, yet fun way to show you care about their hobbies. 

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