5 Truths That Will Help You Play The Dating Game To Win

There are a lot of people who think when they get into the dating scene that they’ll just be able to meet a few people, pick one from the bunch and then start up a relationship. Sure, it may have been a little bit like that many decades ago, but things have changed dramatically in the dating world. It’s not as easy as simply stumbling into someone at the grocery store, and takes a lot of nuance.

If you find yourself trying to find dates, there are some truths that you’ll need to know that will make things much easier for you in the long run. The sooner that these truths are accepted, the better off you’ll be.

You’ll Face Rejection

Dating can be tough, but facing rejection can be even tougher. During your journey through the dating pool, you will run into people who could pique your interest, but you may not pique theirs. 

It’s a completely normal occurrence and will help guide you to the person that’s right for you. One thing to remember when facing rejection is to not take it personally. Rejection isn’t someone telling you you’re not good enough for them, you’re simply not compatible and that’s okay. Take rejection in stride and move on gracefully. 

Dating Apps Are The Norm

You can meet people anywhere, but knowing who is available to date isn’t always obvious in organic social situations. So, dating apps are primarily the way to go when you’re looking to depart from the single life. 

There are a ton of dating apps and websites available on iOS, Android, and PC. Some focus more on specific groups of people and preferences like lifestyle, race, body type, and what kind of dating situation you’re looking for. Always remember not to share too much personal information too soon and to always meet in public. 

It Takes Time To Find The Right Person

It can be difficult to live a single life when you’re yearning for a love connection, but you can’t hurry love. Be patient, take time to meet different people, and invest in the people you feel could be most compatible. 

Most of all, invest time in yourself and stay true to your values throughout the dating process. It’s easy to get lost in another person. Don’t rush perfection and enjoy the journey to finding the right person for you. It will ensure a more secure bond in the end. No

Put Your Authentic Self Out There

It’s easy to pretend to be someone else, or act the way you think would entice people, especially online. We can get lost in other personalities and try to mimic their behavior to seem more likable to them. The problem with that is when the dust settles, you’ll be left pretending and the person you’re with will realize they’re with a fake version of you. 

It doesn’t make for lasting relationships and can create confusion, and bitterness, and waste each other’s time. So when you’re entering the dating world, remember to start off by being your authentic self and it will attract the right kind of people. 

Stay Safe

Staying safe is an extremely crucial part of dating. There are people out there who may not have your best interest in mind. Some may be more nefarious than others. When you’re talking to a potential suitor, keep as much personal information to yourself as possible. If you get as far as meeting that person, meet in a crowded public place, take your own form of transportation, and tell someone close to you where you’re going. 

Remember to have your phone on you and a form of protection if possible. If the person you’re interested in has an issue with you taking protective safety measures, they’re likely not worth your time. 

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