5 Unique International Foods To Try Before You Die

Are you a foodie always on the lookout for new and exciting things to eat? Would you prefer to visit a market in a foreign country than a beach? Yes? Then this video is for you.
We loaded this list with new twists on old classics and intriguing dishes that you will definitely want to try at least once before you die.

Number Five: Spice Bag.

No matter where you go in the world, late-night food all seems to share the same characteristics. It’s greasy, delicious, and most likely something you would never eat at any other time of the day. When the clubs close in Ireland, lines immediately start forming at takeaways for the famous spice bags. Spice bags consist of french fries, fried chicken strips, fried bell and chile peppers, and lots of different spices. Don’t bother asking which ones. That’s a closely guarded secret. But do yourself a favor and get a drink to go with it. Your mouth will thank you.

Number Four: Pambazo

Do you think that Mexican food is only tortillas and tacos? Well, there is much more to Mexican cuisine than that. Take the Pambazo from Mexico City, for example. Pambazo is a popular type of sandwich stuffed with potatoes and chorizo sausage and served on a soft roll. If that isn’t already spicy enough, the cook then soaks the roll in a spicy chili sauce and fries it until crispy.

Number Three: Martabak Bangka

Don’t worry if you can’t handle spicy food. Our next dish is for those who prefer something a little sweeter. Martabak Bangka, a popular Indonesian street food, is a stuffed pancake made with an egg and flour batter. After cooking, the vendor tops it with various sweet and salty ingredients before folding and slicing. Versions differ slightly, but the toppings usually include peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, condensed milk, and white cheddar cheese.

Number Two: Kokoda

If you ever find yourself on the South Pacific island of Fiji, then you have to try Kokoda. Kokoda may look similar to the more well-known ceviche, but it takes the flavor in an entirely different direction. Most cooks make Kokoda with mahi-mahi or red snapper, but you can use any freshly caught fish. After marinating the diced fish in coconut and citrus juice, it’s flavored with minced chilies, sea salt, shredded green onions, and toasted coriander seeds.

Number One: Welsh Rarebit

It is true. Simple foods are often the most delicious. That is the case when it comes to Welsh Rarebit. Originally the recipe was only toasted bread with a warm slice of cheese and a bit of mustard. However, the recipes that are popular today use a few more ingredients. These days Welsh Rarebit usually consists of a few slices of crusty bread smothered in a rich sauce made with milk, beer, cheddar, and English mustard. Don’t worry. Thumper is safe, as this dish is entirely vegetarian.