5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Are you stuck and having trouble getting your next creative project off the ground? Creativity leads to innovation, but how do you jumpstart the creative process when you’re in a slump? Let’s take a look at five ways to reignite your creativity, whether you need it for your job or a hobby.

1. Update Your Decor or Change Your Location.

If your creativity is in a slump, get a new perspective by changing the décor in your office or relocating yourself to another room. You could even take a trip outside to view your natural surroundings. If you’ve been staring at the same four walls and the same décor for years, it could be the reason for your creative slump. Change the pictures on your walls, and update your bulletin board. Add items to your desk that invoke creativity, like a puzzle box or a cryptex. Additionally, take the time to work in other locations within your building and even outside. A change in scenery can help you get a new perspective and ignite your creativity.

2. Learn Something New.

Innovation and creativity can come from learning new things. To start, think about the things you don’t know. Have you ever researched medieval construction techniques? What items did ancient Romans have in their homes? How are shoes constructed? What’s the loop on the back of dress shirts for? By increasing your knowledge base, even on obscure topics, you’ll help foster new ideas and broaden your thinking.

3. Write Down New Ideas.

Do random thoughts come to you during the day? Write them down. Most people have random ideas and thoughts that occur to them on a daily basis. Jot them down in your phone’s note feature or on a tablet, even if it’s not a fully formed idea. Reviewing these ideas later can help you boost your creativity.

4. Write Down the Things that Annoy You.

Innovation can come from frustration. What’s bothering you today? Does the trash bag liner keep falling down? Are you having trouble with a piece of software or not able to find the software you need? Write it down. Later, you can elaborate on the problem and brainstorm ways to fix it. Solving small issues in your daily life can help you broaden your creative horizons.

5. Add Some Brains.

The saying that two brains are better than one is true. When you’re in a creative slump, seek out new ideas by listening to other people. This could be as simple as holding a conference call or in-person meeting with others in your industry or similar industries. These individuals may have ideas and thoughts that will spark new ideas in your mind.

To inspire your creativity, make an effort. Remember not to limit yourself. Write down even the craziest idea, and don’t forget to learn and try new things. By expanding your horizons and knowledge, you’ll better be able to tackle your next creative project.

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