5 Ways To Create Lasting Memories When You Travel

Each year, more than one-third of Americans will go on a vacation, and this includes more than 40 percent of those traveling with their children. When you go on a vacation, you want to make sure it’s an experience that you or your family will never forget. However, when you get back into the grind of everyday life, it can be easy to forget some of the details of the memories you made on your trip. If you want to make sure those great moments aren’t lost to time, here are some ways that you can keep those memories sacred on your next vacation. 

1. Stay Away from the Phone (In Most Cases)

We all know that we’re living in an age where people are glued to their phones for a majority of the day. Not that it’s a bad thing as we want to stay connected, but when you’re on vacation, it’s best to keep the phone away for the most part. Don’t leave your phone in the hotel, though. Simply switch it to airplane mode to avoid any incoming calls or texts and use your phone as a camera to capture some of the best moments of your vacation.

2. Get Chatty With the Locals

As North Americans, we tend to be a bit extroverted by nature. While not every country will appreciate our outgoing personalities, there will be plenty that will welcome you with open arms. When you start talking with locals, you’ll be submerging yourself into the local culture. This will help you locate some of the best spots to visit and which places have the best food. You can also make some lifelong penpals, so don’t be afraid to talk in a place where nobody knows who you are.

3. The Pen is Mightier

The best way to remember details from your experiences is to write them down. This is why people keep journals or diaries, so don’t be afraid to do the same when it comes to your vacation. Take note of the people you met, the events that happened and the places that you saw. When you read the journal many years down the road, those memories that you had will come flowing right back and bring a warm feeling.

4. What’s in the Box?

A lot of people collect souvenirs while they’re on their vacations, but they can tend to get lost in storage within a standard Amazon box. Instead, try to design a unique looking small box where you can keep some of your most cherished memories of your trip. This could include small trinkets, pictures, little notes or anything else that you can think of. You can even make an entire shelf devoted to your vacation boxes.

5. Pin to Win

One great way to remember a particular vacation or all of your vacations is to get yourself a world map. After visiting a destination, make sure to place a pin in the city you went to. Don’t be afraid to use different colors, either. For instance, use one color to mark a place that you definitely want to visit again because you enjoyed it so much. You can even mark places you don’t want to see anymore.

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