5 Ways To Inspire Yourself As An Artist

Nothing affects an artist quite like hitting a wall and losing inspiration. You can sit there for hours thinking about what you should create instead of simply letting your mind take over your body through inspiration. It’s much easier said than done to get into that kind of inspired rhythm, though. 

If you’re one of the countless artists that are struggling to find inspiration, not all is lost. There are plenty of ways where you can inspire yourself, and in the process not just benefit your art, but your life in general. Here are five of the best ways that will enrich any form of your art through inspiration.


If you’re the creative type seeking inspiration to expand your artistic prowess further, one tip that could help get those juices flowing is traveling. Our incredible planet has an almost endless amount of thought-provoking and inspiring places to be explored. Your destination doesn’t have to be set in stone and your journey can be whatever you make it. Inspiration could strike when you least expect it and that’s the beauty of using traveling as a tool to get your artistic vision back. 

Explore Different Walks of Life 

While traveling, or even in your own backyard, you can find people from all walks of life. Intriguing people are everywhere, you just have to find them. Some individuals are unassuming and don’t always put themselves out there, but when you get to know your community and people you meet on your travels, you’ll discover a cornucopia of personalities, with interesting life stories and their own view of the world. 

Taking pieces of others and using them to reshape your own reality can help birth inspiration for new projects and maybe even a new outlook on life. You begin to blossom when you aren’t stuck within the confines of your own mindset. 


Speaking of mindset, having a clearer view of how the inner mechanisms of your mind work can help provide inspiration. Whether you’re happy, you’re in love, you’re hurt, or you’re feeling things you can’t put into words, art can help express the things words can’t. It’s one of the reasons people indulge in varying artistic outlets, to begin with. Meditating doesn’t have to solely be used as a method of calming oneself, although it definitely can be. 

It can be a way to hone in on the emotions you’re experiencing, reflect on the reasons behind those emotions, and how to output them into another source. Otherwise, we hold onto them and it doesn’t always end well. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy mind, organize your thoughts, and get to know yourself in ways you previously didn’t. As well as providing you with the inspiration you need to put your feelings into art. 

Experiment With Different Art Styles

Even if it’s not your cup of tea, trying new things can turn out to be helpful. You don’t have to be good at or even necessarily enjoy it. Sometimes trying new things isn’t for our enjoyment and ends up being more of a learning experience and can lend to self-discovery. Try out new art styles, methods, and approaches, and see what it leads to. 

Keep An Open Mind 

A lot of what is featured on this list requires the depth of an open mind. Art in itself typically does as well. So odds are you have one or are capable of opening your mind further. Do things you’ve never done before. Entertain ideas you typically wouldn’t. Expect the unexpected and don’t conform to the norm and monotony of everyday life. When your mind is open, the possibilities are endless and your artistic skills will expand with it. 

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