5 Ways to Make Train Journeys More Fun

For most people, the idea of fun doesn’t typically involve sitting in a train car for hours on end and staring at the wall or ceiling. Some train rides are quick and easy, but even then, you’ll want to find something to occupy your time because it can be uncomfortable if you don’t. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make a train journey more fun whether your trip is 30 minutes or over the course of several days.

From gathering the sights and sounds that surround each stop of your trip to simple time-wasters, there are plenty of ways to inject a train ride with a lot of fun. Here are our favorite ways to do just that, making sure that your next train journey is a memorable one.

Music, Podcasts, Shows

Long trips can be exciting, but sometimes there might be a lull in the feeling of adventure and you’ll want to relax or do something fun to pass the time. Listen to music, podcasts, and comedy shows. You can watch an entertaining television series or a movie you’ve been dying to make time to watch. 

It makes for a great escape for the times traveling might get exhausting, or you need some time to yourself on a crowded train. Download the media beforehand so you’ll have nothing in your way of watching it like relying on an internet connection. 


When traveling, getting to know the people around you can make for a great way to pass the time until you get to your destination. The people around you are full of stories and unique life experiences. Some people are more than happy to share and engage in conversations during trips, but some aren’t. 

So make sure to ask beforehand if they’re up for a friendly conversation. If you have friends, or family with you on the trip it’s a great opportunity to talk about interesting subjects you might not typically have time for. 

Take Pictures and Videos

Taking pictures and videos of your trip, even while you’re on the train to your destination, is a great way to pass time and focus on something fun you can look at later on to remind you of your trip. 

There are a lot of cool settings you can take advantage of on your phone’s camera or a professional camera that will enhance your photos and videos and make them more interesting to create. Try taking slow motion videos, and photos with different filters, or even create a vlog to share online with friends and family. 

Play Games and Brain Teasers 

If you want to pass the time in a fun way that can also sharpen your mind, try playing a variety of games. There’s a ton of free and paid games you have access to on your phone, tablet, handheld gaming system, or even a booklet. There are fun games that require little to no effort that pass the time mindlessly. 

If you’re looking for a challenge, try brain teasers, word games, sudoku, or video games that require more effort and brain power. It’ll keep you entertained and sharpen your focus, so you’ll be at your best when you get to your destination. 


Yummy snacks and meals are a wonderful addition to a long trip. If the train you’re on doesn’t offer meal services, or maybe doesn’t offer the best options, prepare and bring homemade meals, or a tasty snack from a restaurant nearby the station. 

Packing fun drinks and snacks is a comforting way to nourish yourself throughout the duration of your train ride. Be mindful of what you bring. Try to stay away from stinky foods, or ones that make a huge and inconvenient mess. Bring plenty to share with fellow riders, or friends if you’re feeling generous. 

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