5 Weird Bruce Willis Facts You’re Dying To Know

When you think of Bruce Willis, you likely associate him with his iconic roles in Die Hard or The Sixth Sense. However, the man behind these movies is full of surprises. From his birth name to his career before acting, here are five weird Bruce Willis facts you’re dying to know.

His Birth Name Isn’t Bruce Willis

It may come as a surprise that Bruce Willis wasn’t born with that name. He was actually named Walter Bruce Willis when he was born in 1955 in West Germany. It wasn’t until he moved to the United States and pursued acting that he decided to go by Bruce Willis.

Why did he change his name? Some speculate that he wanted to avoid confusion with another actor named Bruce Dern. Others believe that he simply liked the sound of it better. Regardless of the reason, it’s safe to say that the name change didn’t hurt his career.

He Was a Private Investigator

Before Becoming an Actor Before becoming one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, Bruce Willis had a completely different career: private investigating. After dropping out of college, he worked as a security guard and eventually started his own detective agency. He reportedly even worked on a case involving a fellow actor in the early stages of his career.

Willis has credited his experience as a PI with helping him develop the observational skills that have served him well on screen. He once told Vanity Fair, “As an actor, I’m always watching people, looking for character traits.”

He’s a Talented Harmonica Player

While most people know that Bruce Willis can act, not everyone is aware that he’s also a talented musician. Specifically, he’s a skilled harmonica player. He’s been playing the instrument since he was a teenager and has even performed publicly on occasion.

In 2015, Willis released an album called “The Return of Bruno” under the name Bruno Radolini. The album features Willis playing harmonica and singing covers of classic R&B songs.

He Once Held Three Citizenships at Once

Bruce Willis is an American citizen, but he hasn’t always been exclusively so. In fact, for a brief period, he held three citizenships at once: American, German, and British. This was due to his birthplace, his mother’s German heritage, and his father’s British roots.

While having multiple citizenships may seem like a perk, it can also come with its own set of challenges. For example, some countries require their citizens to fulfill certain obligations, such as military service.

He’s a Big Fan of Idaho

While many celebrities flock to Los Angeles or New York City, Bruce Willis has a soft spot for a different state: Idaho. He owns property in Hailey, a small town in the central part of the state, and has expressed his love for the area in several interviews.

Why does he love Idaho so much? It’s not entirely clear, but he’s spoken about enjoying the community and the outdoor activities the state has to offer. He’s even gotten involved in local politics, endorsing a candidate for sheriff in Blaine County in 2018.

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