5 Weird Michael J. Fox Facts You’re Dying To Know

Michael J. Fox is one of the most iconic actors of our time, famous for his roles in “Back to the Future,” “Family Ties,” and “Spin City.” But did you know that there are some strange and surprising things about Fox that many people don’t know? Here are five weird Michael J. Fox facts that you’re dying to know.

Fact #1: He wasn’t the original choice for Marty McFly in “Back to the Future.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Fox playing the role of the time-traveling teenager Marty McFly, but he wasn’t the first choice for the part. The filmmakers initially cast actor Eric Stoltz as Marty, but after several weeks of filming, they realized that Stoltz wasn’t quite right for the role. So, they made the difficult decision to replace him with Fox, who was then starring in “Family Ties.” It was a risky move, but it paid off in a big way, as Fox’s performance helped make “Back to the Future” a cultural phenomenon.

Fact #2: He has a connection to the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Believe it or not, Michael J. Fox played a role in the creation of the wildly popular “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” franchise. In the late 1980s, Fox was filming “The Secret of My Success” on the same lot where the creators of the TMNT comic book were also working. One day, while watching the animators work on an episode of the cartoon, Fox suggested that they replace the weapons that the turtles were using with more kid-friendly alternatives, like pizza slices. The creators took his advice, and the rest is history.

Fact #3: He has a rare condition that affects his sense of smell.

Few people know that Fox has a rare condition known as anosmia, which means he has no sense of smell. He was diagnosed with the condition in his 20s, and while it hasn’t affected his acting career, it has certainly made life more challenging. For example, Fox can’t detect gas leaks or smoke, which is why he has to rely on electronic sensors to alert him to potential dangers.

Fact #4: He’s an avid hockey fan and player.

While most people know that Fox is Canadian, many might not know that he’s also a huge hockey fan. He played the sport growing up and now enjoys playing in charity games and attending NHL games. Fox is also an advocate for hockey programs that support young players in underserved communities.

Fact #5: He’s a talented musician.

In addition to his acting skills, Fox is also a talented musician. He’s been playing guitar since he was a teenager and has contributed to various soundtracks throughout his career. In fact, he even performed the theme song for “Family Ties” and played guitar during a scene in “Back to the Future.” Fox also occasionally performs live, showcasing his musical talents for fans.

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