5 Weird Travel Hacks To Help You Have Fun And Stay Fresh

There are a lot of details that go into planning a vacation. Most of us think about the bigger picture like the flight or the hotel, but there are some things that you might not think about that can help you. If you’re looking for some unconventional advice on how to make your trip fun while also staying fresh, we’ve got good news for you. Here are some travel hacks that will set your trip apart from any one that you’ve had before.

1. Use Shoe Bags

When you’re traveling, you don’t want just one pair of shoes for everything. Can you imagine going to a fancy dinner while wearing your kickaround Nikes, or playing tennis in a pair of loafers? Try to bring shoes for every occasion that you have planned for your vacation. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of shoe bags. Not only will it keep your clothes clean, but you won’t get the smell of your gym shoes mixed up with your high end shoes.

2. And Bag Those Toiletries

In addition to having special bags for your shoes, it also helps to keep one for your toiletries. Of course, hotels will provide toiletries for you, but it’s not always going to be high quality, and might not even be enough for your trip. Because of this, get a nice toiletry bag where you can keep shampoo, toothpaste and more. These toiletry bags also help to avoid mishaps where your bottles might leak and mix toothpaste and shampoo, which is a minor inconvenience, but a messy one to take care of.

3. Apps That Map

Take advantage of all that your cell phone has to offer even before you travel. There are plenty of cell phone apps available that are able to help make your trip much easier and enjoyable. Use these apps to help navigate your way through unknown territory, get reviews of the best local businesses and more. Even apps like Nextdoor will let you know exactly what is going on in the neighborhood in real time.

4. Rent a House, Not a Room

There was a time when our only options when staying overnight during vacation were hotels and hostels. With the advent of house rentals that you can do through your cell phone or computer, though, your options are nearly endless. Services such as Airbnb and Vrbo offer houses that will provide all the amenities that you need and much more room than any hotel could provide. Not only that, but the prices are often comparable and even cheaper than most hotels.

5. Bring the Wipes

Let’s get back to the part about how we’re staying fresh on our vacations. People tend to get sick when they travel, and hotels and airlines are a big part of that. The best way to prevent getting sick on your trip is to make sure that everything is sanitized. Don’t be afraid to wipe down your seat, counters in the hotel room and more. Sure, people might look at you a bit weird at first, but when you’re not coughing at home following the trip, you’ll get the last laugh.

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