Top 10 Musician Net Worths

10. Celine Dion ($800 Million)

The Canadian born “My Heart Will Go On” singer has had some success outside of music, including perfumes and fashion. A large chunk of Celine Dion’s net worth has also come from residency on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as her touring career, setting records in both avenues.

9. Dr. Dre ($820 Million)

A hip-hop icon, Dr. Dre has been known more for his role as a producer and businessman in recent years. His label, Aftermath Entertainment, has struck gold with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Meanwhile, his headphone collection Beats by Dre sold to Apple for $3 billion back in 2014.

8. Madonna ($850 Million)

You can’t tell the story of pop music without mentioning Madonna, making her a true legend. With her music career (as well as some acting), Madonna has had massive endorsement deals and a few entries into the fashion world to help her amass a net worth of $850 million, making her the second richest woman on the list.

7. Herb Alpert ($870 Million) 

Perhaps the least known name among the younger crowd on the list, Herb Alpert is a living legend known for his trumpeteering. Starting his own record label in the 1960s, Alpert remains tremendously wealthy thanks to the sale of said label (A&M Records).

6. Sean Combs ($885 Million) 

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, whatever you want to call him, just don’t call Sean Combs unwealthy. The rapper is also a business mogul that started Bad Boy Records as well as the Sean John clothing line. Other ventures include Ciroc vodka, sports drinks, e-sports and much more.

5. Paul McCartney ($1.08 Billion)

One of the two surviving members of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney is the first billionaire on the list. Obviously his tours and royalties make him a lot of money, but McCartney also has many other investments to his name that set him apart from many other famous musicians. 

4. Andrew Lloyd Webber ($1.2 Billion)

Though he’s not a singing sensation like many others on this list, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is responsible for some of the most successful stage musicals of all time. Thanks to plays such as “Cats” and his art collection, Webber has become a billionaire.

3. Jay-Z ($1.4 Billion)

The rapper that notoriously said that he’s a “business, man,” Jay-Z has used his rap career to help launch other business ventures. This includes the clothing line Rocawear, nightclubs and even his own sports agency. It also doesn’t hurt that his wife, Beyonce, is among the highest earners in music, too.

2. Rihanna ($1.7 Billion)

One of the most successful artists of the new millennium, Barbados born Rihanna has been a business mogul for a decade thanks to her entry into the fashion world. Starting with a fragrance back in 2011, Rihanna expanded into starting the Fenty line that has earned her more than her music career has, interestingly enough.

1. Kanye West ($2 Billion)

Kanye West, or simply Ye these days, tops the list with a net worth of $2 billion. It’s not just the record sales or touring, but his many other business ventures that have propelled him to where he is today. This includes his luxury fashion line and investments in food joints and he’s even had interest in the automobile industry; hoping to create a flying car (seriously).

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