Burger King Menus Across The Globe: 5 Key Differences Between The USA and France

Burger King is one of the most beloved fast food chains around the world, but its menus vary from country to country. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between Burger King’s American and French menus.

1. Variety of Toppings

In America, Burger King customers have their pick of tomato slices, lettuce, onions, cheese, bacon, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise as toppings for their burgers. In France however, Burger King customers have access to additional toppings such as chorizo sausage slices, sesame seed bun/seeds, and a fried egg!

2. Salads & Sides

France definitely takes the cake when it comes to salads and side dishes. At French Burger Kings you can find Greek-style salads and even a “Tasty Tomato Salad” with feta cheese. As for sides – why not try some Potato Croquettes or Onion Rings?

3. Traditional Burgers

USA Burger Kings offer regional specialty burgers like the Southern Style Crispy Chicken Sandwich or All-American Flame Grilled Whopper as well as staples like veggie burgers/patties and grilled chicken sandwiches – all made with classic combinations of flavors. Meanwhile, in France, there are traditional burgers like “La Flammeche” topped with melted Brie cheese (yum!) or the curious combination of mushrooms, pesto sauce, and Emmental cheese in their “Champignon Pesto” burger!

4. Specialty Burgers

France has a special menu called Les Classiques which features specialty burgers inspired by classic steakhouse meals like filet mignon medallions mixed with cheddar cheese and crispy bacon bits on an artisan roll – now that sounds delicious! On the other hand in America, you might find something more adventurous like a mushroom Swiss burger topped with spicy jalapeño coins – yowza!

5. Desserts & Drinks

America wins this round since you can get shakes in many different flavors here while they tend to be more limited in France – usually a selection of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla flavors only. For dessert lovers looking for something sweet but savory at the same time – why not try Burger King’s very own tartiflette fries? These are basically traditional French potatoes au gratin served up with melted reblochon cheese over top – ooh la lah indeed!

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