Can You Improve Your Quality Of Life By Moving Overseas? 5 Top Destinations To Consider

Many people are in jobs that they feel don’t pay enough to keep up with their surroundings and are looking for opportunities outside of their city or even country. If you’re ready to pack up and move to another country and leave behind the negative parts of your current country, there are certain places around the world that can almost certainly offer a better life.

Let’s take a look at five of the countries that have a much higher quality of life than others, making them popular overseas destinations for people who want out of their current situation.


Portugal is one of those rare countries that doesn’t have any enemies while maintaining a seemingly endless list of allies. Because of this, Portugal has been one of the most popular countries to move to. No matter what country you’re from, you can pretty much be guaranteed safety, as Portugal is typically ranked near the top five in the world’s safest countries.

Even if the weather was your main concern, Portugal has a fantastic climate year-round, so anyone that wants to get away from the snow will find plenty of places in Portugal where you don’t have to shovel your driveway. There is a lot to do in Portugal, and unlike some of the other popular countries on the list, the cost of living isn’t all that high. The only drawback is that English speakers may have a tough time adapting.


Whenever you hear someone talk about how they want to move to a different country, Sweden is usually the one that gets mentioned first, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Sweden has a large enough landscape to offer plenty to do while also having a population low enough so that you don’t feel too crowded. The quality of life in Sweden is second to none, offering great education and high-paying jobs.

Sweden is a bit on the cold side compared to most countries, but it’s worth it to deal with the snow when you consider the amazing work-life balance that you get while living there. From outstanding healthcare to a beautiful landscape, there really isn’t anything that Sweden lacks in. Also, English speakers will feel incredibly comfortable in Sweden.


Just like how you’ll hear many Europeans talk about how they want to get out of their current situation and move to Sweden, Canada is North America’s version of that. Canada has many of the same great features that Sweden has, including the massive land area compared to a lower population that allows for a lot of free-roaming.

Canada and the northern part of the United States are nearly identical in terms of climate and landscape, but there are some key differences. Canada, on average, is much safer and offers a much better healthcare system for new residents. Canada consistently ranks in the top 10 for quality of life and has amazing educational and work opportunities even if the cost of living is on the high side.


Germany has turned into one of the most popular options for those leaving their native countries due to the work and education opportunities that are available. Germany is an absolutely beautiful country with a lot of great cultures to experience and many even prefer the German workstyle to the American or British ones. Things are very straight to the point in Germany and there’s a proper work-life balance.

English speakers will be able to adapt to living in Germany quickly, and you’ll get much of the same that you do in the United States while finding that the minor tweaks here and there add up to a much better quality of life. In fact, Germany has been a massive pipeline for former Americans looking for a new opportunity.


Germany has an easier path to becoming a citizen, but Switzerland is often ranked as the number one country in the world for quality of life. We’ve discussed work-life balance repeatedly today, and Switzerland does it better than anybody. The environment is gorgeous in Switzerland, and the jobs pay tremendously if you land one.

Working more than 40 hours per week is almost unheard of in Switzerland and even those that work in retail are off on Sundays. If the company you’re currently working for has a branch in Switzerland, see if you can be transferred there as those who have moved have not regretted heading to Switzerland.

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