Four Things You Didn’t Know Are Good for Your Spirit

Do you ever feel tired or stressed, but in a deep, hard-to-explain kind of way? It’s like something is off in the very core of your being, and it eats away at you.


If this sounds familiar, then you need to get your spirit right. The idea of the spirit is nebulous, and no two people perfectly agree on what it means, but we can probably all agree that when things feel off that deep inside, any source of relief sounds great.


There are things that are good for your spirit. Some you have considered. Others might seem novel. The four below can help you search your soul a bit to find a way to relieve your stress and lift your spirit.


Walking Away


You don’t need to completely upend your life over some advice you read on the internet. But, there is a good chance that there is something in your life that you don’t need. There’s a bad habit or vice — something small — that you are actually ready to walk away from.


You already have it in mind, don’t you?


Walk away. Resolve to do it right now. You aren’t quitting all of your vices. You aren’t fixing everything in your life that brings you down. You’re just getting rid of this one small thing that bothers you. In a few weeks, when you look back, your spirit will thank you.


Giving Something Away


This is an old idea. We all know that selflessness can be great for your spirit. The key idea here is to really hone in on a specific act of selflessness. If you give away something that you personally value, your spirit will thank you.


For some, it might be money. For others, time means more than anything else. It could be an object of personal value. If you give it to someone who will need or appreciate it more than you, and you do it in person, you will reap spiritual benefits.


Doing Chores


There are two ways chores can help you. The first is psychological. Getting chores off of your list gives you a sense of accomplishment. It can also quiet some of the nagging in the back of your mind, and both of those things are good for you.


There’s also a spiritual component. When you do your chores, you are expending time and energy to show respect to your environment (which is not necessarily THE environment). Investing some of yourself into your surroundings puts a little of your spirit into them, and that will reflect back to you in positive ways.


Active Meditation


Most people recognize that meditation can be good for you, but meditation doesn’t have to be about quiet and stillness. Active meditation is the idea of doing an activity that allows your mind room for freedom.


For many people, taking a walk counts. Yoga might be great for you. A lot of crafts and hobbies can be meditative too. The point is to immerse yourself in the activity to allow it to bring you to a meditative state.

And, if you haven’t found your meditative activity yet, start exploring. That process will be good for your spirit too.