How To Cultivate A Healthy Approach To Instagram

Instagram is a great way for us to share our finest photos, but just like any social media app or site, it can be addicting. People can spend several hours per day just scrolling through Instagram and posting photos of themselves, especially when trying to find the right filter. It’s important to not use Instagram as a full time job that you don’t even get paid to do, so focus on a healthier approach to the app. Here’s how to do just that in five easy steps:

5. Post Dump

You’re not trying to be the next Jenner, so you don’t have to take a photograph with your phone and think that it needs to go straight to Instagram. Instead of posting every photo as they happen, try to do a once a week photo dump. This will allow you to filter the photos that you actually want to share, and it will mean you’re spending a lot less time on Instagram and worrying about filters. All in all, you’ll save literal hours of your life by not posting in real time.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself

The dream for many is to become an Instagram influencer and post about life experiences such as travel, as well as expensive things that we purchased. Because of this, you’re only seeing the most lavish moments in peoples’ lives on Instagram, likely including your own. You shouldn’t spend time comparing your own life to others on the app and wish that that could be you. Studies have shown that this is terrible for your mental health, so only worry about you. With that said…

3. Try Not to Follow Celebs

Nobody is going to make you feel more inadequate than the top 1 percent of influencers on Instagram or those that are famous already without the app’s boost. If you’re following celebrities, make sure it’s because they’re posting content that’s actually interesting to you, such as behind the scenes footage and short funny videos. If you’re following them for their private jet or luxury car posts, it’s not going to be good for you.

2. Stop the Scroll

No matter how many people you’re following on Instagram, it literally will not end if you continue to scroll. They’ll find a way to suggest other accounts for you to follow. Because of this, it’s easy to continue to scroll through and start to randomly follow accounts that you don’t even know. You look up from the clock and realize that you’ve been scrolling for hours on end. When you pull up Instagram, try to only look at the top few posts in your feed and then stop.

1. Learn the Algorithm

Follow a lot of sports accounts? You can expect to see a lot more on your recommendations. The same goes for any category that can be tagged. Unfortunately, that can mean some pretty toxic stuff that gets plastered onto your feed even if you follow just one account out of spite. Make sure to clean up the list of people you follow so that you’re getting the most wholesome content on your feed. This also makes things better for your mental health and it doesn’t seem like the time spent on Instagram is wasted.

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