How to Earn Money Playing Video Games

Monetizing a hobby offers an opportunity to change your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a way to earn extra income or you want to replace your current income, playing video games may offer a solution. You can make money through video games in a variety of ways.

Become a Game Tester

If you are looking for a way to replace your current income or change your career path, then a game tester is a great opportunity. A game tester, or beta tester, is paid to play video games that are not yet available on the market.

As a game tester, you look for bugs or problems with the game. Game testers also look for ways to break the game or problem areas that may cause gamers to stop playing as it gets boring. By testing the game before it goes to market, you are able to try out new games and get paid in the process.

Become a Coach

Competitive gaming is a growing area of interest for many individuals. When you are skilled at a competitive game, you may have opportunities to start your own business. Consider working as a gaming coach and playing games with others who want to learn from your skills.

A game coach takes on a similar role as a traditional coach. You teach others to play different games. The primary difference is that you actively play with the individuals you coach. Depending on your skills and the games you play, you may work with professional gamers or new players.

Stream Your Game Play

Those who are skilled at popular video games may make money by streaming their game play on YouTube, Twitch, or similar tools. Showcase your skills through online streaming and through online video making. Showcase special tricks you use when playing a game to stand out from other streamers.

Keep in mind that your income potential for streaming and making videos may vary significantly. Try different types of videos, editing, and strategies to find the best solutions to make money while playing your favorite games.

Try Professional Gaming

Professional gaming is a growing opportunity for gamers. A professional gamer participates in competitions set up by Major League Gaming, Intel Extreme Masters, and similar organizations. You play the games at arenas and the organization streams the competition for viewers around the world.

Professional gamers make money by winning competitions, so the income potential varies based on your skills. Avoid games that you are still learning and focus on games where you have mastered the skills. Since it is a competition, you can expect other players to have professional-level skills in their chosen games.

Playing video games may offer opportunities to make extra income or even replace your income from a traditional job. The key is remaining realistic about the amount you can earn. Expect your income from gaming to grow as you gain skills, build up a following, and work toward long-term goals in gaming.