Essential Life Hacks To Save You Time!

Every day, you receive a gift of 86,400 seconds. Why not implement essential life hacks to save time and add seconds to your day. 

Prioritize Tasks

It’s easy to spend your day putting out urgent fires. But then, you may not complete the crucial items on your to-do list. Write a list of items you want to accomplish and how long each task will take. Then prioritize each item based on your available time. You still may not finish your to-do list, but at least you will complete the most important tasks first. 

Schedule 50/10 Blocks

Distractions are everywhere. Improve your focus and productivity with a 50/10, 20/5 or another block schedule. Work on a project for 50 minutes before taking a 10-minute break. Use breaks to check email or social media, chat with coworkers, grab a snack, or take a walk. If 50/10 blocks don’t work, try 25/5.

Touch Items Once

You waste valuable time and mental energy when you pile stuff around the house or office. Instead, handle items one time. For example, fold and put away clean laundry right away, fix loose buttons immediately, and sort and file every piece of mail in one sitting. 

Buy Multipurpose Products

Consider all the products you use in the shower. Now think about all the time you could save if your shampoo doubled as body wash and if your razor included shaving gel. Multipurpose products save you time, so add those items to your routine. 

Utilize Task Grouping

Switching tasks requires time and energy. Instead, group similar tasks together. Dust one day and vacuum the next rather than clean rooms one by one. And schedule one errand day instead of running every day. 

Delegate Tasks

Think about everything you do during a day, week, month, and year. Which of those items could someone else handle for you? When you spend your time doing tasks that utilize your strengths, interests and skills, you boost your efficiency and productivity, which ultimately saves you time.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

Stop spending so much time in your closet. Select basic items that require minimal care and are easy to mix and match. Once a week, plan daily outfits. Every six months, purge your closet of anything you haven’t worn in a while. Now, you can be ready in a flash.

Prep Meals for the Week

Most of us are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen each day. So, in addition to a cereal bar and snack bin, plan your meals. Once a week, write a grocery list, set up a delivery and schedule a prep period. Then dice all the vegetables, brown all the meat and cook rice. Place containers of ingredients into labeled bins by day and meal. Now, cooking is more efficient, and you’ve made it easier for family members to get dinner started. 

If you’re ready to save time, add these essential life hacks to your daily routine.