How ergonomic are gaming chairs really?

A gaming chair has ergonomic properties since you can sit in it comfortably for a long period of time. However, it isn’t an ergonomics chair, which is specifically designed for this purpose. This video will explain the similarities and differences between gaming chairs and ergonomics chairs.

Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is designed for long sessions of computer or video gaming. Some of these chairs are built for a specific genre, which can affect their construction. For example, chairs customized for racing games typically have raised front lips that resemble the bucket seats in racing cars, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

Gamers need to maintain a steady view of their monitor, so they often have a fixed headrest. While this feature may be comfortable if a monitor is the only thing you need to look at, it isn’t as beneficial for looking at a monitor and sheets of paper on a desk. Some gaming chairs include head pillows and detachable lumbar support, which research shows can reduce back pain. Winged backrests and a greater recline than a traditional chair are also common features of gaming chairs, although ergonomic chairs usually recline even more. Many gaming chairs also have flashy color schemes and a stylized design, which aren’t common features for ergonomic office chairs.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to provide both comfort and physical support. Each person has their own set of ergonomic requirements, so these chairs typically have more adjustments than gaming chairs. For example, all ergonomic chairs should provide good lumbar support, so the backrest should be highly adjustable. At a minimum, these chairs should have adjustments for their back angle and tilt tension. Some models also allow users to adjust the pressure of the lumbar support.

It should also be possible to adjust the seat height so that your feet rest flat on the floor with when your knees are slightly lower than your hips. The seat depth should also be adjustable to provide more leg and knee support than a traditional chair. Most ergonomic chairs have padded arm support, which users can adjust for their arm length and height.


Gaming chairs have additional design considerations not related to ergonomics. They often have multicolored upholstery to match a particular gaming theme, which increases cost without adding functionality. Bucket seats also make gaming chairs more expensive, but don’t provide any ergonomic value. This feature also makes gaming chairs less comfortable for larger users.


While gaming chairs are more adjustable than an ordinary chair, they aren’t as adjustable as a true ergonomic chair. Furthermore, ergonomic chairs encourage you to change positions throughout the day while using it, which is crucial for maintaining good health.