Top 5 Apps To Make Life Easier

Life seems to be more complicated than ever before. Whenever you can find a way to make life a little easier, shouldn’t you use it? Thankfully, there are apps that take some of the complication out of life. We’ve rounded up five apps that take the burden out of everything from traveling to saving money to getting to sleep.

1. Waze

Number one on our list of top five apps to make life easier is Waze. Waze is a navigation app. Lots of people use Waze instead of Google Maps. Waze is accurate and reliable. It will get you where to you need to go, whether you need to get to work on time, make your way to a new shopping mall or find the way to Airbnb in Mexico. That’s right. Waze offers navigation in other countries, which makes it ideal for digital nomads.

2. Calm

Calm is a guided meditation app that’s used by millions to get some peace in this noisy world. You can even choose certain meditations to address specific concerns like stress, or low self-confidence. As a bonus, lots of the meditations are recorded by familiar celebrities that you know and trust, such as Harry Styles and Camila Cabello.

3. Barklo

Barklo is an app specifically for dog owners. If you don’t love the idea of crating your dog, this app is for you. It can make you feel more comfortable having your dog roam free in the house while you’re away. Just download the app on any two devices. It runs off of Wifi and allows you to monitor your dog’s activity while you’re at work, at the gym or out with friends. 

4. SleepScore

SleepScore works with Android and iPhones. It uses sonar technology to monitor your sleep habits. If you’re the kind of sleeper who tosses and turns at night, SleepScore will let you know. It measures how much you move around at night. It also monitors your activities. For example, if you get up to get a drink of water or to use the bathroom. It tracks your snoring and breathing, too. With this app, you can take steps to address problems you have with getting a good night’s sleep.

5. Power Outage

Rolling blackouts and emergency power outages are becoming more common. The trouble is, if they happen when you’re away, they can cause damage. Your pipes could burst or all your freezer food could thaw out and perish. Even your home alarm system could go down. When you download the app Power Outage, you’ll be alerted if the power goes out while you’re away or even just asleep. This app gives you a fighting chance to take steps to protect your home and belongings when the power goes out and you’re not at home.

These five apps make life just a little bit easier for everyone. The best part is, they can be used with both iOs and Android phones.