How to Know When You Need a Lawyer

Are you facing an unprecedented situation? Are you concerned that it may involve some legal complications? If you are concerned about a legal problem, then you may wonder if it’s time to work with a lawyer. While the specifics of your situation may vary, some common factors may help you determine if you should reach out to an attorney.

Accidents and Injuries

Car accidents, injuries in another person’s home or property, accidents at work, or similar situations may require an attorney. When you are involved in an accident and it causes a severe injury, you may need a lawyer to determine your options. Although state laws may vary in relation to the party-at-fault in accident cases, many states allow individuals to seek compensation if they are injured in a car accident, a workplace accident, or similar situations.

Family Court and Family Law Situations

When you are going through a major change in your family, such as a divorce, then you may need a lawyer. A lawyer may help in three primary situations: custody of children, divorce settlements in relation to assets, and prenuptial agreements. Depending on the situation, you may need a lawyer to represent your interests in court or to assist with court-related documents.

Estate Planning

In the case of individuals who are planning for the possibility of passing away, you may need to work with an estate lawyer. Even young individuals may consider estate planning services that focus on writing a will in some situations. For example, you may write a will with a lawyer if you have young children and need to put assets in a trust until they reach adulthood. Most individuals will work with an estate planning professional at some point in their lives, though the exact timing may vary.

Facing Arrest

If you were arrested for any reason, then you want to hire a lawyer. In the case of an arrest, you do not want to speak to police or other authorities until you have a lawyer present. A lawyer helps you determine the appropriate way to approach your case.

Handling Legal Paperwork

Legal paperwork falls into a variety of categories, such as business contracts, real estate contacts, or filing for bankruptcy. If you need assistance with legal paperwork, then you should consider working with a lawyer to help with your concerns. In some cases, a lawyer reads through your documents to ensure that contacts are fair to all parties involved in the document. In other situations, a lawyer crafts a contract or document on your behalf.

Whether you are facing a court case or you are looking for assistance with legal documents, working with a lawyer may assist with your concerns. Keep in mind that law firms may offer a consultation to help you clarify when to work with their firm or when to seek different services for your needs.

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