How To Make Studying More Fun

Studying is essential to education, but it can be pretty dull. Even after you finish school and enter the workforce, you could find yourself in a job that requires regular education or recertification. Studying while you’re bored can affect your engagement and prevent you from retaining information. Luckily, there are numerous things you can do to make the process more exciting.

Gamify your studies

Gamification is taking an otherwise-boring task and turning it into a game. Flashcards and puzzles are perfect examples of simple games that help you with your studies. Still, you can get even more mileage out of this strategy by creating your own game. For example, if you’re studying calculus, you might consider adding a point system with rewards. Each time you get a question correct, you can reward yourself with a piece of your favorite candy.

Create a poster or illustration

Turning your lessons into a poster is an exciting studying method that engages your brain in a new way. You can add illustrations, diagrams, poems, and more to ensure you’re staying engaged while you learn. Once you’re done with your poster or illustration, you can hang it up in your room so you’re exposed to the information throughout the day.

When making a poster, try to have fun with it. Don’t shy away from bright colors, exciting stationery, and even glitter. The more fun you have making your poster, the more likely you’ll be to remember the information.

Listen to music

Listening to music is a surefire way to stay engaged in your studies, but there’s a catch. Most people can’t focus on reading when listening to music with lyrics, so you’re likely better off with instrumental songs. Classical music is an excellent choice, but if you find it boring, you can listen to electronic music or a soundtrack from your favorite movie, TV show, or video game.

You mustn’t waste too much time skipping songs or building the perfect playlist. Instead, create a playlist ahead of time or choose a pre-made playlist on Youtube or your favorite streaming service.

Consider your environment

Consider changing your environment if you feel like you’re hitting a wall. For example, if you’re in your room or office, it might be time to open a window or go outside. Those who have quiet cafes near their home can enjoy a delicious beverage while studying in a new space.

For those with large families, your home may be too noisy to focus on your studies. In this case, it’s worth paying a visit to your local library to study in peace.

Study with a friend

For some, studying alone can be an isolating experience. In this case, you’re better off studying with a friend or family member. You and your friend can quiz each other, compare notes, or even turn it into a competition. 

When choosing a friend to study with, it’s crucial to consider whether they’ll distract you. Minor distractions are okay, but if your friend spends the whole time off task, you aren’t likely to retain the information.

Take short breaks

Sometimes, studying too hard is more detrimental than you’d think. If you feel like you’re hitting a wall, take ten minutes to watch your favorite show or play a game. Once you’re ten minutes are up, jump back into your studies. 

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