5 Best Udemy Courses To Improve Your General Data Skills

Udemy is an expansive catalog of learning courses with more than 200,000 offerings. Since its inception in 2010, over 57 million students have advanced their knowledge and skillset on the Udemy platform. Data science is among the most popular topics explored on Udemy. To improve general data skills on Udemy, consider enrolling in the following five top-rated courses.

Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis

An excellent foundational course for those looking to improve their data skills is Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis. The training has a completion rate of more than 160,000 students and includes 92 concise mini-lectures. A total of 98 downloadable resources also come standard with the class. The no-experience course is perfect for those seeking careers as data scientists, data analysts, and market researchers. Topics covered include:

  • Data plotting
  • Statistics foundations
  • Dummy variables
  • Regression analysis
  • Data type identification  

Data Science A to Z

Data skills are made easy with a simple course taught by a professional data scientist. The hands-on approach uses real-world examples to simplify complex ideas. After the lectures, students will understand how to successfully complete a data science project using skills such as data mining, logistic regression, assessing R-squared, and more. The data science course has proven value, with 21 hours of video content included in a single class. Beginners are welcome, and attendees don’t need to download any paid software programs.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

The boot camp-style course is a great way to quickly study a large amount of information. Hone your data science and machine learning skills with this informative boot camp from Instructor Jose Portilla. Beginners can take the course, especially those new to the R programming language. Students learn how to use R for the following tasks:

  • Programming
  • Data manipulation
  • Data analysis
  • Web scraping
  • Machine learning algorithms

The on-demand video presentations will take approximately 17 hours to complete, and each lesson includes a detailed coding notebook. Anyone interested in a future career as a data scientist can benefit from the lectures.

Statistics/Data Analysis in SPSS

One of the top-selling courses on Udemy is a data analytics course geared for those in the business industry. A key selling point of the training is that it dives into utilizing the SPSS software program. SPSS, owned by IBM, provides beginner and advanced tools for data management, advanced analytics, data sampling, and inferential statistics. After the course, students will know how to analyze data and draw conclusions about a sample. The class includes five hours of on-demand video lessons completed at your own pace. Companies offering the Statistics/Data Analysis course to employees include Volkswagen, NetApp, and Nasdaq.

100 Days of Code

The 100 Days of Code is the perfect all-around data course for those with little programming experience. A large number of the topics will focus on mastering the programming language of Python. Along with learning about Python, the work assists you with creating more than 100 starter projects for your portfolio. Course inclusions are 60 on-demand video hours, 129 resources, and 230 articles. Assignments and quizzes found in the syllabus help confirm students stay on track and complete the training with a good understanding of data science, automation, and programming essentials.

Visit Udemy to enroll as a personal or business account member. Free trials are available to give access to the data skills courses. All classes also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if dissatisfied.  

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