How To Write A Romantic Message To Help Your Partner Feel Valued

Sometimes, your partner is having a rough time, and you want to cheer them up. A simple romantic message can go a long way.


Other times, you want to inject some romance and energy into your relationship. Romantic messages are great for this too.


Or, you might just be feeling happy and lucky, and you want your partner to know it.


No matter the specifics, a romantic message can be powerful and wonderful. If you happen to want to make your partner feel valued, then the secret is a good note or letter. Below, you’ll find some advice that will help you rethink romantic messages, how to make them sincere, and how to write something that will really matter to your partner.


Small Surprises Work


A powerful romantic message doesn’t have to be long. A simple post-it note with the right words at the right time can mean the world to a person.


If you can sneak a little heartwarming message into the start of your partner’s day, they’ll feel valued by the thought alone. You don’t need to be Shakespearian in your language. You just need to say something nice.


Here’s an idea to help your creativity, “Have a good day! No, really. I want you to have an abnormally good day today, and I hope this message helps you do that.”


It’s simple. It’s heartfelt, and it’s the small surprise that does the heavy lifting.


Be Blunt


Whether your message is long or short, a little bit of bluntness is underrated. Naturally, there are limits. You don’t need to always be over the top with blunt messaging, but used strategically, it adds authenticity to your message.


There was a little bit of bluntness in the small surprise example above, but you can add specific blunt points to a message.


You know what your partner values. You have inside jokes and share ideas and moments. You can bluntly refer to any of that to put a little more punch in your message. If they want to feel hot or sexy, tell them that they are hot and sexy. Don’t mince your words. Say it outright.


If they want to feel creative, point out something creative that they did. You get the idea. Again, remember that the point is sincerity, so pick something that you truly believe and that you think they will appreciate hearing.


Mix It Up


Classic lines are classic for a reason. People do want to feel attractive. And cherished. And valuable. It’s perfectly ok to quote a poem in your romantic message. It’s not your job to be the greatest wordsmith of all time. Borrow from the best.


But, you also want to include something personal that no one else would ever tell them. Point out how endearing it is that they can’t drive past a dog without putting it in the car and finding its home (but, you know, use something that specific that is true to your relationship).


Mix up the truly personal message with some of the classics. You’ll cover it all, and they will feel appreciated on multiple levels.


Honesty Might Not Be What You Expected


This is the part where I tell you to just be honest. Except, being honest is a lot more than just avoiding lies. By all means, don’t give a compliment unless you mean it, but that’s not really what I’m getting at.


This person is your partner. You think about them in a way that no one else does. When you think about what to write, there are thoughts that are going to pop into your head that you then dismiss. Don’t dismiss them so easily.

It’s the silly and offbeat compliments that will make your partner smile the most. The way she appreciates the smaller things in life by always savoring her dessert or always checking in on her pet may not be seen as traditional virtues – but if they’re endearing to you then they’re worth mentioning. She’ll get a little glimpse of herself through your eyes – and what could be more romantic than that?