Perking Up Outdoor Areas – Constructing Eco-Friendly Features

When it comes to sprucing up outdoor areas, there are many different options available. From bright and vibrant flowerbeds to sturdy and timeless fences, the possibilities are endless. However, one of the most eco-friendly and practical solutions often overlooked is constructing features that are both visually appealing and sustainable – such as a rain garden or grass pavers.

Rain gardens offer an attractive way of collecting stormwater runoff while still managing it effectively. The rain garden serves to filter out pollutants and minimize water waste by allowing the water to sink into the ground rather than running off into sewers. In addition, rain gardens also help to retain moisture so that plants can benefit from natural water sources in lieu of extra irrigation being required. This makes them a great option for locations where there is limited space for traditional drainage systems.

Grass pavers provide a low-impact way of protecting the environment by reducing soil erosion, controlling dust pollution, and absorbing noise. Made from recycled materials such as concrete and plastic, they have an interlocking design that allows grass roots to penetrate through whilst providing strong enough support for vehicles on top. They also hold up well against temperature extremities – something particularly helpful in outside spaces which experience drastic weather variations over the course of a year.

Living walls not only add a splash of color but they’re also beneficial when it comes to increasing air quality and creating a habitat for local wildlife – such as birds, bees, or butterflies! They consist of shallow trays filled with nutrient rich soil and surrounded by a frame before being covered with greenery grown specifically for this purpose – making them fairly easy to construct compared to other features like ponds or pergolas!

Low-voltage lighting is another great way to increase your outdoor area’s aesthetic without negatively impacting energy consumption or spending too much money! Being LED-based, low voltage lighting maximizes efficiency whilst still providing adequate levels of illumination – perfect for pathways and stepping stones during twilight hours ensuring your security needs are met without compromising on visual appeal!

All in all, adding eco-friendly features to your outdoor area can be incredibly rewarding; you’re not only helping preserve the planet but giving yourself somewhere pleasant and tranquil where you can unwind after a long day at work!

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